4 Wardrobe Essentials For Today's Active Woman

4 Wardrobe Essentials For Today’s Active Woman

17 Nov, 2022 posted by Daniel

There is just something so frustrating when it comes to finding the right clothes when you live an active lifestyle. Some women work a 40-hour week, then upon returning home are off to any number of activities they’ve signed up for. Sometimes it’s dance class, other times it’s jogging and then there are school functions for the kids that you are required to attend. It seems like we are living life nonstop which makes it difficult at times to know how to plan for a busy week. After all, you can’t do laundry every night, can you? There’s hardly time! With that said, let’s make life a bit easier for you. It’s time to plan some wardrobe essentials for today’s active woman, and that just happens to be you!


1. Comfortable Shoes Are an Absolute Must

If there is one complaint that is common among all active women, it would be how much their feet and legs hurt after an exceptionally busy day. Unfortunately, that seems to be most days. There is really no reason why you can’t be stylish and comfortable at the same time. More and more women are wearing classy sneakers with their day apparel, and it has become quite acceptable to do so in most professions.

For example, Gucci sneakers for women are as stylish as it gets, and better yet, they are the epitome of comfort. Some of the styles of a Gucci sneaker women wear are colorful with designs like hearts and geometric patterns on them. They can easily be worn well with a professional pants suit at work if your feet are killing you and you can leave them on at night if you need to attend a function at the kids’ school. The bottom line is that shoes should be a primary consideration if you are active. Comfort is an absolute must.


2. Mix and Match Apparel

How many times have you come home from an inordinately busy day at work, and you really don’t feel like changing your entire outfit? Maybe you wore pants and a nice blouse to work with those designer sneakers mentioned above. Sadly, you’ve spilled a drop of coffee on the front of your blouse so if you’ve chosen a mix and match wardrobe well, you can simply change tops. It can be that easy!

The other benefit of having apparel you can mix and match would be that you can have fewer things while seemingly having an endless wardrobe. If you work with separates you can easily wear together with just about any other clothes you own, there can be limitless possibilities of color combinations as well.


3. Athletic Wear Is a Wardrobe Staple

Take a look at your average weekend. This is typically a time when you spend an hour or two at the gym, do all your shopping and see to all those little errands that were set aside during the week. The right athleticwear can be worn for the entire day because it will be a stylish outfit that suits multiple occasions.

Most ladies have at least a few pairs of yoga pants in their closet. These are truly fashionable and can be worn with literally any type of top. From halter tops to tunics, there is no end of possibilities. Also, you wouldn’t need to worry about working up a sweat at the gym, because you’d probably be changing into a workout bodysuit anyway. It just makes it simple to go about your day without worrying over whether or not you are suitably dressed. Today’s athleticwear is among the most fashionable apparel you can imagine.


4. Fashionable Messenger Bags

Probably second in importance to comfortable shoes would be having one or more fashionable messenger bags. These are oversized bags, generally carried over the shoulder and can fit all those little odds and ends you need to carry with you if there is not time to go home between work and play. They are often large enough to carry a cosmetic bag along with any female items you might need throughout the day.

Some ladies even pack their lunch and stow it in their bags. An extra pair of shoes, your day calendar and even a tablet can fit comfortably in your bag so that you are carrying your own luggage for the day. Laugh if you will, but this is more common than you might think. In fact, the whole idea of having a wardrobe especially tailored for an active woman’s lifestyle is to make things simpler and more comfortable, allowing her to be as active as she needs to be.


The Bottom Line Is Comfort

In the end, the whole idea of stocking up on those essential items for an active woman’s wardrobe is to ensure you are provided with the comfort you need to be as busy as you are. With that in mind, make a list of all your activities, including work, and then purchase as many items as you can that can easily be worn for multiple occasions. In this way, life will be so much easier for you and that’s exactly what you need.