5 Tips For The Best Real Estate Photos

5 Tips For The Best Real Estate Photos

17 May, 2023 posted by Daniel

A real estate listing is an excellent way to showcase your properties and entice potential customers. However, your images matter and can make or put off potential clients.

You should include captivating photos that will draw buyers to plan for showings, hence the need to engage a professional photographer. Real estate images require lots of creativity and preparation, and the right camera settings will go a long way. How can you capture engaging real estate photos? Here are tips worth considering.


1. Plan early


Prepare adequately and give yourself adequate time for the shoot. Know the type of properties to shoot and how to showcase the best features. Most real estate investors allocate minimal time for their shots, which can be a big mistake. Video Production Calgary professionals will tell you that having limited time for photos can limit your chances of success. Therefore, plan early and discuss this with your photographer beforehand. Have all the time to capture different images and choose the best from the list.


2. Ensure tripod stability


Invest in a sturdy tripod, or at least ensure your photographer has one. Quality images are all about precision, and you can’t achieve this with an unstable tripod stand. The camera will always move a bit, which can mean blurry images. However, your camera will be sturdy with a stable tripod stand, resulting in clear images.


3. Declutter before the shot


Real estate images should be professional and shouldn’t show any clutter. Therefore, get organized and eliminate any clutter from the counters before taking the shoot. This will make it easy for the photographer to capture the best shot and lure buyers into planning for a showing.


A neat space will also make buyers want to associate with the property and likely buy it. Each room should look neat and organized, and you should also stage the furniture and other décor items to create that inviting and warm feel.


4. Light up!


Light is a major consideration for any photo shoot, and real estate images are no exception. Remember, you can’t replace natural lighting, so ensure each room is well-illuminated so as to create rich shadows. Also, use other light sources such as LED lights and reflectors to improve the lighting effect.

With adequate lighting, you enhance the effect and can be sure of great images. Also, good lighting will accentuate various aspects of the property and ensure your photos are clear and bright.


5. Edit for excellent results


Your photos will need editing since some will have poor exposure. Some may also have harsh shadows and may not be clear enough. Editing allows you to fix defects and adjust the photos to get a professional touch.

For instance, need to change the settings for a more natural result. If unsure how to edit, have a professional photographer help to avoid blunders.




Quality real estate photos will make it easier to sell your property. Invest in professional photography services and forget about blurry images! With the right photographer, you will capture sharp images of each aspect of your property and entice potential buyers to view your property.