16 Feb, 2022 posted by Laudee

The natural skincare industry is one of the largest growing cosmetics industries in the world today. This is because the amount of awareness created through the years has caused people to be more concerned about the effects of the products they use on their skins. Natural skincare products are now preferably used over their traditional counterparts to avoid potentially harmful products. However, some natural skin products can cause damage to some people’s skin, usually as allergic reactions.

Opting for natural alternatives for your skin would always be a good decision. Here are a few chemical-free skin care tips for healthy skin:

Protect Yourself from The Sun

An essential chemical-free skincare routine is protecting yourself from the sun. Extreme exposure to the sun can cause a variety of skin ailments as well as skin cancer. The sun’s rays are strongest between 10 am to 4 pm. During this time, it is necessary to avoid much exposure of your skin to the sun.

You can also incorporate wearing long-sleeved shirts or blouses, reducing the amount of sunlight that penetrates the skin.

Use a Body Wash Without Chemicals

When looking for the safest body wash, a good thumb rule is to avoid formulas containing artificial fragrances, synthetic dyes, and potentially harmful chemicals like sulfates and paraben. You can meet a trusted pharmacist or dermatologist to assist you in choosing a good body wash without chemicals in it.

Treat Your Skin Gently

In addition to using the safest body washes, some other procedures could be done. These include limiting the length of your showers and using warm water. Hot water and long showers or baths remove oils from your skin. Without oils, our skins cannot remain moisturized. A skin that is not appropriately moisturized is in potential danger.

Also, if you intend to shave, do it gently. Apply the necessary lubricant or shaving cream, and make sure to shave in the direction of growth of the hair and not against it. Also, after bathing, avoid harsh drying of your skin. It’s as it is gentle to pat dry your skin.

Stick to a Healthy Diet

“You are what you eat.”

This quote applies to the skin as well as it does to our internal system. A healthy diet can help you look and feel your best.

The association between diet and acne isn’t clear. However, research suggests that a diet rich in fish oil or fish oil supplements and low in unhealthy fats and processed carbohydrates might promote younger-looking skin. Fruits and vegetables are essential for a healthy diet also.

And never forget to “Go drink some water!” I bet your mom or your dad always said this as much as mine did. Well, it’s true! Remember to stay hydrated by drinking enough water each day.

Avoid Smoking

Smoking narrows the tiny blood vessels in the outermost layers of skin, decreasing blood flow and making skin paler. It also starves the skin of the oxygen and nutrients needed for excellent skin health. This tends to make the skin look old as wrinkles form, and as we all know, even the safest body wash cannot clear the skin of its wrinkles while the cause is left unresolved.

In addition, smoking increases your risk of squamous cell skin cancer. If you smoke, the best way to protect your skin is to quit. Ask your doctor for tips or treatments to help you stop smoking.


We lose 50 million skin cells a day, and without a little extra nudge, they may hang around, leaving the skin looking older.

Exfoliating the skin, therefore, is necessary for good skin health. Using a safe body scrub, something homemade, will do the trick. A mixture of honey, sugar, and lemon will make a good body scrub to use alongside a body wash without chemicals.

Schedule Visits to A Dermatologist

There are no better skin experts than dermatologists. The same way we go for eye check-ups or other health check-ups, we must make out a time, at least once in two years, to see a dermatologist for proper examination of the skin.

Many people don’t know they have got a problem until after check-ups. We must do these check-ups for early discovery of any ailments.

We’re rounding off.

You see? Skincare doesn’t have to be some sort of acid bath all the time. Try to do the little, simple things that are good for your skin. They would go a long ay to get you that glowing look you’ve been dying to have.