8 Benefits of Renewing Your Vows

8 Benefits of Renewing Your Vows

24 Jun, 2022 posted by Laudee


If you’ve been married for a while, you might have considered renewing your vows. But, what does it really mean to renew your vows? And, what are the benefits of making the decision to renew them? Here are some of the best reasons you should renew your vows with your spouse!



  1. You’ve been married for more than 10 years. Marriage is hard work — and commitment. Many people view vow renewals as a recommitment to their spouse. No matter the reason, above all, vow renewal is about taking the time to recommit to each other and the promises you’ve made to each other in the past. For couples who have beat many of the odds and stayed together for longer than ten years, a vow renewal could be a great way to celebrate that. To help curb some costs, consider investing in a set of silicone rings for the occasion, especially if you no longer wear your original rings.


  1. You can celebrate with more family and friends. Whether you had an elopement or a destination wedding and now you want to have another celebration with family and friends, or you want a chance to get your kids involved in the celebration, renewing your vows allows you the opportunity to recommit to each other in front of your current friends and family. As life changes, so does a couples’ marriage. Kids, pets, homes, jobs … all these things can change the way your marriage functions, which means that a vow renewal can help to reset your marriage and give you a fresh outtake on each other. This gives everyone who wasn’t at your original wedding the chance to see you two together and celebrate with you!


  1. You can have the ceremony you wanted all along. When couples get married young, sometimes they don’t always get the ceremony or reception they want. In some cultures, the family handles much of the planning, and the couple simply shows up to tie the knot. With a vow renewal, you get the opportunity to have the ceremony and reception you really wanted all along. Whether that’s a huge ceremony with all your friends and family or an intimate affair with just a few people, it’s all your decision. You can decide whether you want to go on the hunt for a new men’s wedding band or keep your original one, or you can try to fit into the same suit you wore back in the day. Either way, a vow renewal is the chance for you and your spouse to do things the way you want to, together.


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  1. You don’t have to reapply for a marriage license. Most people don’t realize that you don’t have to reapply for a marriage license — vow renewals are purely ceremonial. This is a great way to save money, because you don’t need to hire an officiant ordained through a specific church or authorized by your state to perform the ceremony. Instead, a close friend or family member can step in to perform the ceremony if you’d like — or you can even do without an officiant and just run the show yourselves!


  1. You can use it as a way to move forward. Marriage is hard. And, sometimes, that difficulty can lead to unfortunate circumstances. Infidelity, struggling finances, even miscarriages and deaths of pets of family members can all put strain on marriages. For couples who have gone through some difficult experiences and want to use it as a way to show they’re coming back stronger than ever, a vow renewal can be a great way to symbolize that. Some therapists will give the suggestion as a therapeutic technique, but only to couples who truly believe that they can work through their issues together and are committed to coming out on the other side of things.


  1. You can remind each other of how you’ve fulfilled promises to each other so far. Vows are about promises. And, sometimes, we need a reminder of how promises have been fulfilled or want to know how they’ll be fulfilled in the future. With a vow renewal, you get the opportunity to tell your spouse about the things you’ve done or promise to do in the future that show all the ways you’ve kept your vows. As you place that beautiful wedding band for women on her finger, she’ll be reminded of why she loves you and how you’ve been committed to her and your marriage.


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  1. You get to dress up. Or dress down! Either way, the choice is yours. Some couples feel that, over time, the reasons to get dressed up for a good time tend to dwindle, especially as friends and family also settle down and the focus becomes on kids and grandkids. Having a vow renewal can be a great way to get yourselves dressed up and out having a good time. Whether you throw a party with a DJ and catered food, or you simply put on your Sunday best and dance around the living room together, you can easily have a vow renewal that’s both meaningful and exciting for the two of you as spouses looking forward to the future.


  1. You can mark a special anniversary. Whether it’s 10 years, 15 or even 50, marking a special milestone anniversary is a great benefit of a vow renewal. And, who’s to say you can’t plan to do a vow renewal for every milestone anniversary? Some couples even use their anniversary to take the time to recommit to each other every year. It doesn’t have to be a grand affair each time (save that for the big milestones!), but simply having dinner together and promising to continue to love each other in the months and years to come is something every couple can do no matter what the anniversary year.

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