17 Feb, 2022 posted by Laudee

Hiking takes you out of the comfort of your home into the beautiful nature that surrounds you. Unlike your stroll in the park though, hiking may come with some challenges as you are exploring certain routes with varying grounds.

If you are new to hiking then you should consider the following tips to make your hiking experience a pleasant one.

Don’t push yourself

As a first-time hiker, you shouldn’t push yourself. There is no point hiking miles into nature and failing to get back home because you are exhausted! There is no point in attempting to climb those mountains when you barely used to exercise before the hike! Gauge how much distance you can cover depending on your energy levels and stick to it.

Understand the trail

It does you no good to go hiking only to get lost in the woods for example! Find a map to the area you intend on hiking and study it. Bring it with you for further guidance.

Going solo is good but not for a beginner

It is best to hike with someone if you are new to this activity. Ideally, you should consider hiking with someone who has been doing so for a while. This way, you get to learn a thing or two. Hiking solo may not be very safe for you. Imagine if you got injured or came face to face with a wild animal!

Pack the 10 essentials

The essentials you carry will generally depend on where you will be hiking. However, things you should have include navigation tools such as a compass or map, a flashlight, first-aid supplies, food, water, a fire starter, an emergency shelter, and a repair kit.

Don’t forget to check the weather!

You don’t want to endure bad weather in the middle of your hike! Pay attention to the weather report and make necessary adjustments.

Wear the right shoes!

You want to invest in god quality hiking shoes if you don’t want to limp back home. You may also want to throw in some blister dressings in your backpack just in case!

Inform someone of where you are going

It is important to inform someone that you are going hiking. Unfortunately, anything can go wrong no matter how prepared you are. You need to inform someone back home of where you are going and the possible route you will be using. When the person knows that you will be back at a certain time and you don’t, then they are in a position to inform the authorities and they can search for you.


Hiking is good for your general wellbeing. It is good to help keep you fit and it is good for your mental health. That being said though, you have to exercise caution when hiking, especially as a beginner or if you are tackling a new trail. The tips above should help point you in the right direction so that you can enjoy a pleasant hiking experience.