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Knowing the dress codes, knowing what they mean and respecting them is vital. Employees must follow the company’s expectations. This often means maintaining a professional presence in the workplace, at customer sites, and in all business activities.

Brilliant, professional, and talented men and women are often rejected or discarded because they do not sell what they are worth. They leave ‘business’ from ‘business casual,’ and the lack of professionalism hinders them. This is troubling because clothing does not necessarily decide one’s actual skill and reputation. Still, it does affect others’ perceptions of these attributes – and that fact has an effect on job opportunities.

Focus on Belt & Buckle:

Your belt is the ideal place to start popping a casual outfit for the company. The casual uniform takes on a simple brown belt – and, even if the brown belt is a flexible item – don’t think it’s the only choice.

To add versatility to your work uniform, you can change your belt buckle with another metal and the strap. A gold buckle provides the formality, and the matt or natural black finish with canvas or nylon straps offers a casual flair.

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Watch Straps:

Watchbands – a slight adjustment creates a color or texture splash. You do have other variables to deal with, as with belt loops. A NATO nylon strap provides a relaxed atmosphere that is ideal for any business setting but the stuffiest. To turn up your persona, pick a NATO strap with a luminous accent strip. A grey NATO brace with a red stripe fire engine – coupled to equally red shoelaces – goes from strange to strategic.

Dressy Sneaks:

Gum sole sneakers are a popular – and elegant – alternative on the smart-casual end of the spectrum. A rubber-soled chukka is best suited to the spectrum’s flashier end and adds a sleek polished edge in your look.

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Shoe Laces:

Shoelaces are so discreet that most people don’t even think of them in their presentation. The easy swapping of athletic laces on a pair of white canvas shoes makes them classier immediately.

Phone Case:

Wood, leather, and even stone, for affordable prices, are included in hand-built phone cases.

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Loud Shirt + Neutral Pants:

Forget your denim and rock a flower print shirt with chinos if your office has a casual Friday. Consider mustard, mint green, or an ochre button-up with neutral trousers if you don’t wish to get bold enough to go completely floral.

Chinos in Fresh Colors:

Chinos can never give you a dull look. The Chinos are rugged and full of character in brown, slate, olive, or British khaki.

Add Textures:

A linen button has a character which is cool for warm weather. The texture addition also refers to materials. If you want to wear a tie to your casual workplace, consider generating interest in an unusual texture – such as knit.

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There is practically no difference between business casual and smart casual. If you’re in a creative sector, your casual biz is cleverly casual.

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