9 Wardrobe Staples That Everyone Should Have In Their Closet

9 Wardrobe Staples That Everyone Should Have In Their Closet

09 Dec, 2022 posted by Daniel

Staples will take you from season to season and style to style, they are as timeless as they can be trendy and they are as effortless to assemble into an outfit as they can be built upon to create any aesthetic. Staples are the solution to all of your wardrobe worries. Whether you’ve just cleared your closet and you’re hoping to start from scratch and build a capsule closet, you’re looking to make seasonal and style transitions easier or you’re having a hard time making outfits in general because you’re lacking the basics, the solid staples below should be a solution!


Work Shoes

Work shoes will vary a lot from person to person because as people, we vary a lot from profession to profession. With that in mind, most roles will require comfortable work shoes for women that (along with being comfortable) boast qualities like closed toes, good tread and a somewhat subtle style — if not a step above that to a somewhat professional style.


You know what the work demands of your footwear better than we do, but if you’re feeling lost, we suggest a simple flat as a staple work shoe. This is thanks to the fact that they’re comfortable, closed toe and can easily be found in high-quality versions with anti-slip rubberized soles. Also, they are often made from materials like leather and suede that add a professional appearance and are small enough to be stashed in your purse during your commute and kept clean!

Work Shoes

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Everyday Shoes

When it comes to the chaos of the everyday, something simple and easy to slip on is essential. Depending on your clothing style and lifestyle, this could look like flip-flops, sandals, slides, wedges, clogs or mules — but we sure do love our slides.


If it’s too hot for boots and too chilly for slides, though — or if you would love to wear your slides year-round but know that the season, event or location calls for a different style — mules are our favorite solution. Closed toe or open, high heeled or flat, mules can be catered to your everyday style and easily become a staple.


Everyday Boots

Depending on your everyday, your ideal boots could be rain boots, desert boots, combat boots or something completely different. They could be ankle high or thigh high, zip or lace, loose or tight. The array of style options means you’re guaranteed to find something that works for you and is also what’s helped them become a staple in cool and transitional season style.


Finding cute boots in neutral styles that can shift with the seasons and feature good grip, waterproof materials, comfortable lining and adjustable or appropriate width of the opening for your calf or thigh can be easier than you think — and a life-changing experience!


Long and Short Sleeve Teeshirts

Black and white teeshirts in particular are the epitome of what it means to be a solid staple piece — subtle and versatile enough to build any outfit on top of, but somehow strong enough to stand unstyled and showcase an aesthetic of their own.


When it comes to tees, both short and long sleeves alike, we like to embrace a timeless French fashion staple — the striped tee. Be it black and white, navy and white, grey and white or otherwise, we’re all over it because we know the aesthetic power of this piece.

Long and Short Sleeve Teeshirts

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A Basic White Button-Down

Basic white button-down dress shirts are one of our favorite menswear-inspired staples, and an instant way to add a certain charm to any outfit. Instead of finding one that you strip out of the second you’re done with your shift and dread changing back into, though, try to draw solutions from your best staples and find button-downs that are made from comfier materials, in more casual fits and with versatility and wearability in mind.


A Cardigan

Owning a nice cardigan means that no matter what shirt or camisole you pick, you’ll look polished and put together. You’ll want to make sure that the color and texture of the cardigan you choose are subtle, but if you know you’ll mostly be wearing your subtle basics below it, you could play with some other colors in your palette or preferences!



Whether you’re wearing them alone and embracing the popular as-a-pant option, you’re double or triple layering them to keep warm or figuring out that the fur-lined ones make amazing commute pants, there’s no wrong way to wear leggings or include them in your wardrobe. Because of how easy to work with, comfortable, affordable, small and easy to store they are, we suggest storing multiple pairs (from solid blacks and grays to playful and professional patterns).


We love leggings especially if you work remotely from home, as they’re something comfortable that you might actually slip into even though you have the option of pajamas. Not only will you slip into them and get a hygiene boost, but they look sharp and put together to the point where it will boost your mood, motivation and mental health.


Just-For-You Jeans

Denim is not only timeless in terms of style but timeless in the sense that it takes WAY less time to style your outfit around a good pair of jeans. And when they’re offered in high, mid and low rises… Wide, flare, bootcut, boyfriend, straight, slim and skinny cuts… Bleached, acid, stone, mid and dark washes… You WILL find a good pair that are just perfect for you.

Just-For-You Jeans

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A Coat That’s as Warm as It Is Stylish

Whether it be a winter-proof snowboarding coat, parka or puffer, a wind- and water-resistant denim jacket, leather or windshell or a soft and stylish peacoat, duffle or teddy — a solid coat that can transition with styles and seasons is essential. No matter what style you do select, though, we advise getting it in a color and length that will complement your winter footwear because you’ll likely be wearing them together. If you’re a professional, or someone who’s out and about a lot, we also recommend finding something on the slightly thinner side — so probably no super puffers!


Setting the Stage with Staples

The sensibility and subtlety that comes with staple pieces don’t have to mean sacrificing statement-making style. From sensible closed-toe shoes to subtle short-sleeve tees, every staple piece can speak for itself as well as it can set the stage for the style you desire!