17 Feb, 2022 posted by Laudee

Have you heard about acupressure and acupuncture? These are ancient Chinese therapies practiced by health professionals worldwide. However, you can exercise these therapies at home! There are various mats available that can help you relieve neck pain, back pain, sciatic pain. Additionally, you can get a massage mat for stress relief, muscle relaxation, and better sleep.  Acupressure Mat for Men and Women will provide you all these benefits. The mat has plant-based eco-friendly foam along with pure cotton and ABS plastic spikes. You can stay assured regarding its long-lasting capacity and positive impacts. This “bed of needles” contains over 6000 acupressure points.

Let us understand some of the proven benefits of using this mat:


Acupressure is a process that releases endorphins. These endorphins work just as opioids and are usually known as “body’s natural painkillers”. Endorphins assist in reducing pain and give you a sensation of euphoria. It is scientifically proven that acupressure can trigger endorphin production, which can block the pain signals reaching your brain. This foam mat has plastic spikes that bring you natural pain relief. You need just to lie down, sit, or stand on the mat every day for nearly 10-30 minutes. After a few minutes, endorphins will begin to flow throughout your body, and you will experience complete relaxation and euphoric pleasure. These endorphins reduce muscle pain, back pain, etc.


The mat presses against your body and gives a massage on your acupressure meridians down your spine via this pressure point therapy. This procedure helps in the relaxation of your muscles, and your muscle tension is reduced. Further, your energy levels are triggered, and you feel refreshed. Therefore, this mat is handy for the ones suffering from neck pain or back pain and helps to improve fatigue.


This acupressure mat can improve sleep-related disorders and muscle tension, which further reduces anxiety and stress. No side effects have been reported. The numerous spikes on the mat work on the acupoints all over your body and stimulate blood flow to help you feel relaxed alongside regulating the stress levels. The mat has been helpful in reducing stress, anxiety, and depression.

Besides, the acupressure mat improves digestion problems such as constipation and transports more oxygen to your skin, which gives a positive effect on your complexion. Research also shows that eight weeks of usage promotes a reduction in BMI. The intensity and frequency of chronic headaches are also reduced.

Therefore, you can count on this product to stimulate your inborn healing potential through the relaxing acupressure massage. The mat is large enough and covers your entire back up to your neck. This yoga mat can be placed under your hip, stomach, chest, foot, leg, or any other part of your body. You can also cautiously use the mat for your face! You can carry the mat wherever you go and use it as per your requirements to manage your pain and stay healthy.