16 Feb, 2022 posted by Laudee

Synthetic or natural beauty products? The latter has our heart and vote! While synthetic products do have their benefits, organic formulations are the better choice. They come with a ton of benefits for the skin and environment and you can’t help but applaud their advantages. If you are looking for a reason or reasons to embrace natural beauty products, we’ve got you. At the end of this read, you won’t want to use any product that isn’t nature-friendly!

Benefits of Using Organic Beauty Products

  1. The Environment Loves Them

Without a doubt, natural beauty products are more eco-friendly than their synthetic counterparts. For one, synthetic products tend to harm animals and plants they encounter. Should these products penetrate the soil or ground, they can birth grave consequences for the ecosystem. Also, the manufacturing processes involved in the making of synthetic products often require mining — which pollutes the earth and leaves a negative carbon footprint in its wake. Organic products on the other hand do not negatively affect plants and animals, and neither do they include ingredients that require mining. Hence, they are environmentally friendly.

  1. No Unhealthy and Poorly-Understood Side Effects

As opposed to synthetic beauty products, natural beauty products are gentler and safer on the skin. Parabens and other harsh chemicals are typically used in conventional products to extend their shelf life. However, these chemicals may mimic your body’s hormones when introduced into the bloodstream. As such, it is feared that conventional products can disrupt the functioning of the endocrine system. Conversely, natural beauty products use organic preservatives like grapefruit seed extract, which is safely absorbed into the bloodstream with zero to no side effects. While side effects associated with synthetic chemicals like parabens are not well-understood, potential reactions from natural beauty ingredients can be confidently dealt with as they are more understood

  1. They don’t Undergo Animal- testing

It is no surprise that the vast majority of conventional beauty products are animal-tested. This is a practice that is frowned upon, but unfortunately, even well-known brands continue to do so. Thankfully, natural beauty product manufacturers are more ethical and go to great lengths to avoid animal testing. In fact, their products are not only harmless to animals but other living beings as well, including the environment. So if you are not an advocate of animal testing and want to stay true to your ideals, you should consider buying and using natural beauty products. That said, You can Google search ” natural beauty products near me” to find stores that sell these immensely beneficial products.

  1. They are Loaded With Healthy Nutrients

The ingredients contained in organic beauty products are focused on providing body nutrition. On the flip side, the ingredient portfolio of synthetic products is packed with chemicals like Glyceryl, Sulfates, Stearate, Phthalates, and the like. These chemicals are man-made and produced in the laboratory, which limits their nutritive benefits compared to organic ingredients like; argan oil, lemon juice, eucalyptus, grapeseed, and a host of others. They are more beneficial and less harmful to the body as they contain naturally occurring vitamins and antioxidants — all of which maximize the body’s function.

  1. They are Hypoallergenic

People with skin issues and sensitivity often have a hard time using synthetic beauty products. When using these products, they usually complain of allergic reactions like contact dermatitis, rashes, explosive breakouts among other skin problems. This is because specific ingredients used in formulating these products are harsh on the skin, and can only be tolerated by a select few. These ingredients include propylene glycol, triclosan, synthetic dyes, petrochemicals, and others. To avoid these potential reactions, it is safer to opt for natural beauty products.

Final Thoughts

Beauty products that are manufactured using natural ingredients are generally better for the skin and body. You never know the harmful chemicals that seep into your bloodstream with conventional products. On the other hand, you can use organic products without fear or apprehension while feeding your body with much-needed nutrients. Also, your body isn’t the only one benefitting as they are advantageous to the ecosystem as well. No questions asked, natural beauty products are the best type of beauty products!