17 Feb, 2022 posted by Laudee

The very concept of a casino has changed dramatically over the years, to the point where the first casino is pretty much unrecognisable from some of the casinos that we have today. In fact, the Venetian Casino di Venezia, which was the world’s first genuine casino establishment created in 1638, is miles apart from the absolutely gargantuan buildings that can be found on the modern Las Vegas strip, let alone the many online casinos that are available now.

Online casinos are the main reason why the casino gambling industry has endured an extreme amount of expansion over the last few decades, with there now being more than double the amount of casino gamblers thanks to this invention. In the early days of online casinos all the table games were completely digital, however these days gamblers can play with live-streamed dealers in games such as liveKing Casino roulette and live blackjack. But are there live slots available too? Read on to find out.


We couldn’t really have an article with this title without actually giving a bit of explanation as to what live blackjack and live roulette are, seeing as not all gamblers will actually know. Essentially live blackjack, for example, is a live streamed version of online blackjack, so gamblers can actually see a real deck of cards and interact with a live dealer, almost exactly as they would in a normal casino.

Obviously it’s not quite the same, but you would be surprised how close live blackjack can get to the real thing. Furthermore, whilst classic online blackjack renders techniques such as card counting impossible due to the fact that the deck is controlled by an RNG, with live blackjack there is a real deck of cards, and these kinds of tactics can therefore be employed. 


Roulette was an extreme gambling hit during the 1800s when it first burst into popularity across Central Europe, so much so that it kick-started the dawn of huge super casino establishments, and also created tension between various states and rich casino families. You can therefore understand why developers were so intent on creating an online version of roulette, however unfortunately it just wasn’t the same on a digital video roulette wheel.

But that is where the invention of live roulette comes in, as just like with live blackjack, live roulette works with an actual real life dealer and a real life roulette wheel too. As you can imagine this makes the whole experience a lot more exciting, and it is no wonder that so many people have become obsessed with live roulette. 


So then, onto the ultimate question – are there live slots? Well, the simple answer is no, because online slots by their very nature don’t really need to be live at all. You see, live casino games are created so that there is a real-life dealer involved, but with slot machines there is no dealer involved, and hence no need for live slots.