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August 28, 2020 2 min read

Our homes are an extension of who we are: what we do within our abode walls forms our mood, affects our productivity and impacts our life outlook. Scientific studies have shown that by changing the tiny little behaviors and rituals that constitute our everyday lives, we can have an effect on our happiness — we are, in fact, in charge of our outlook on life.

This year has given "home is where the heart is" a whole new significance. Our homes have become the place of utmost importance as the choice to go virtual for meetings and hallmark life events has become an unspoken mandate. Here are some ways to make your home a place with more positive vibes.

Embrace the space:

The new meanings of high-end real estate are a shift. Any time a "penthouse" was mentioned earlier, we thought automatically, "Unattainable." That isn't the case anymore! A penthouse can be described as any unit with a different layout than others in the building, adequate outdoor space, or exceptional views, thanks to a marketing refresh. It's not necessarily on the top floor! We each have the space for cultivating a vibrant and elevated home experience, regardless of the size, place, or circumstances.

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Let your space represent you:

You are allowed to construct a view which resonates with every fiber of your being. It starts to turn into a happier place as you begin to see yourself in your space. Whether adding your favorite color, an heirloom piece, or an antique find that makes your heart sing, incorporate this without apology into your place.

You may always admire those dwellings worthy of social media with sleek, monochromatic, and minimalist design styling. But don't embed it if it doesn't represent you.

Start from a place:

As we know, Rome wasn't built in a day, so give yourself grace on this design journey and realize that starting slow is good. Taking your time provides the breathing space to restore your style better while mitigating the chance of regret with design. Start by searching for a piece of "signature" decor and an area rug that would act as an endless source of inspiration.

However, if the area rugs are not your style, a piece of artwork, furniture, or paint/wallpaper can also achieve the same result. When you've settled on your focal piece, pulling colors or unique items from that decoration would make you volunteer to share with friends and family, your joyous curation!

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Make your indoors more green:

With our new travel destination of choice being the great indoors, add a few greens. Plants are such a perfect way of adding color, vibrancy, and value. And please note, not 80 of them are required to accomplish this!

The best way to breathe new life into any room is to place even one plant in a corner that could use some attention, a kitchen counter, or a warm welcome entrance. Another easy way to add personal flair is plant pots, as a bonus! You will find happiness in the little details.

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