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September 14, 2020 3 min read

Your skin plays an incredibly important role in your vision. Therefore, we lavish thousands of dollars on makeup and skincare treatments in beauty parlors. There are many things you can do regularly to keep your skin safe.

There are various reasons why your skin might look dull or have different problems. Lack of hydration is a primary reason for skin damage. Though a lot of people believe smoking reduces stress, it is just a misconception. Not only it damages your lungs with time, but it also results in dry skin.

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It might be impossible to stay home forever and avoid the sun, but one must take necessary action for protection against the harmful UV rays. And last but not least, the habit of consuming junk is a big reason for your skin damage.

Here are some tips to get back your healthy skin.

Minimal makeup:

There's always no reason to always use a lipstick, concealer, mascara, mousse, or whatever. It does affect your skin to a great degree, no matter how expensive the brand is. We are not telling you to throw them off but to keep those aside for special occasions. Use sunscreen for the remaining days, toning, and moisturizing the skin.

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Face cleansing:

All beauty experts have told us countless times about this hack when asked how to preserve healthy skin. If you're too tired after a long party, you should still clean all the dirt and makeup off your face. The makeup works like a tight mask on your face keeping your pores clogged on your face. If you go to bed without removing makeup, you'll wake up with a giant awkward pimple the next morning.

Slather on sunscreen:

Use a generous portion of sunscreen with SPF on your face whenever you go out to protect your skin from all the anomalies that the harmful sun rays cause to your skin. Don't worry about the season, or whether the sun is out or drizzly today. It is advised to use sunscreens even if you're in a car or at home, or even on a flight.

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Exfoliating face:

Moisturizers don't add a lot of moisture on their own, but they lock up in the present moisture and are therefore necessary to keep your skin hydrated. Make it a routine after a bath to have your skin moisturized every day and keep it hydrated.

Place a towel soaked in luke warm water on your face before bedtime, and leave it on for a while. This will open the pores of your face allowing the moisturizer to soak in your skin.

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Follow a healthy diet:

Food is what brings your skin life. Anything you eat in your daily life helps keep your skin healthy. Only that you've got to cut on some and add some more.

Drink enough water that will keep your skin hydrated during the day. Don't make your skin feel dry. Water is a must-have for a smooth, supple, and dewy look. Employ this nutritional plan for good skin and remove out fatty fried and unhealthy items.


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