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July 20, 2021 3 min read

How to get a Cheap SSL for your site

Need an SSL certificate for your site but don’t have much to spend? Lucky for you, there are a whole host of cheap SSL options across the web, so getting your website secured on a budget should not be a problem. But where to start with getting an SSL certificate? Who should you buy from, and what kind of SSL should you choose?

 Read on for tips on getting started on your cheap SSL journey!

1.   Remember that price ≠ quality

All SSL certificates on the market offer the same level of encryption — 256 bits, to be exact. This is the case across the board, no matter what the price point or validation level you end up going for. So, if you find yourself gravitating towards more expensive SSL certificates simply due to the belief that a higher price means higher quality, nip that thinking in the bud straight away. Cheap SSL certificates are just as good as their more expensive counterparts.

2.   Shop around

Now, just because cheap SSLs are just as good as more expensive ones does not mean that all SSL stores are created equal. Do your due diligence and research the store you’re thinking of purchasing from. These are the people you’ll have to deal with if anything goes wrong during the activation or installation process, so be sure to look at reviews and see what’s being said about their customer service. What’s their availability? How quick are they to respond? Are they respectful of their customers? These are things you should consider when purchasing from any online store, let alone an SSL one.


Also, be sure to check the store’s partner Certificate Authority or CA. CAs are the bodies in charge of managing, issuing, and revoking SSL certificates. It’s important that the issuing CA is well-regarded and trusted by major web browsers.

3.   Define your requirements and choose accordingly

Someone with a simple blog will have different SSL needs compared to a large enterprise with multiple online stores. While all SSL certificates have the same encryption strength, there are different types of SSLs you can choose from depending on the number of domains you have and the level of validation you need. The SSL types based on the number of domains are:


  • Single domain SSL: This kind of SSL secures one website
  • Multi-domain SSL: This kind of SSL secures multiple sites under a single certificate
  • Wildcard SSL: This SSL secures a single website and multiple subdomains of one level linked to it under one certificate.


Validation level refers to how extensively the issuing CA will check your background before issuing your CA. Larger companies will generally tend to opt for a higher validation level for added legitimacy. The higher the validation level, the more information about the person or company that owns the website will be available in the SSL certificate description. The three validation levels are:


  • Domain validation: The CA simply checks that you have access to the email used to register the site
  • Organization validation: The CA will do more robust checks into the person or company requesting the SSL.
  • Extended validation: The most extensive validation level reserved for registered businesses, the CA will check things like government records to confirm their legitimacy.


Wrap up

A good SSL that will secure your website and protect user data does not have to break the bank. A cheap SSL from a reputable store will offer the same level of protection as something more expensive, leaving you with more budget to invest elsewhere.

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