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July 19, 2020 2 min read

Britain’s heat is increasing in the summer, with temperatures in the south of England rising to the mid-30s. When it comes to dressing to work in a heatwave, a spectrum is not socially acceptable. On the other hand, there are mesh vest tops, hot denim pants, and halter-neck crop tops. Given that Britons are more accustomed to rain than to blazing sunshine, many will inevitably face the challenges of balancing professionalism with comfort.

Denim shorts are unacceptable outside of adolescence. Men in shorts, it seems harmless enough.  But for professional grown-ups, wearing shorts makes you look like a schoolboy who got lost on the way to the ice cream shop. Your boss will give you justice for your coworkers to bear your hairy calves, and who can blame them? It makes no sense, that sweet spot of sweat-soaked clothes and the suitability of the boardroom, but as we reach halfway temperatures it is necessary to revise one’s wardrobe, so we all spend our sweat-soaked expenses. Not ready to do.

Vest tops are a big NO

Men who wear vests to work are the equivalent of men who wear tops with slogans like “brunch so hard” – overzealous and one for anyone to ask about their weekly workout routines. Let’s wait for the opportunity.

Instead, find a suitable linen shirt to wear and save your tank top for a gym selfie. Women have a more wiggle room with strappy tops, so unless the straps are strong or delicate, they accidentally slip off to reveal your bust with hair loss.

Don’t try and get sexy back

If you go to the office wearing a backless top, then it says two things. First of all, you give the decision to one of your colleagues. Secondly, you are not wearing a bra.

Do not take part in the white skinny jean parade

Somewhere, once, men told that they looked great in skinny white jeans. The person has either seen too much Love Island or acted in Love Island.

The ITV2 program may not air this summer, but its competitors’ wardrobe choices will last us a lifetime. Most are remarkably agile, optic-white jeans that are generally preferred by many male competitors. They are one of the highest aesthetic atrocities of modern life. Please do not wear them to work. They should not be worn at all.

Forget your flip flop

Even if you have just got an in-house pedicure or feel that your feet are your best feature, flip flops are not acceptable in the boardroom. First of all, the constant clappety sound will make everyone go crazy every time you use the toilet.

Despite being a renaissance among other street style sets, flip flops would eventually fall out of fashion’s ephemeral zeitgeist. They will soon become impractical and inconvenient shoes, making every outfit at least 70 percent less cool.

Save your harvest for festivals

This should seem self-explanatory, but last summer, there were many crop tops in offices as polka dot Jara dresses. You could argue that baring your midriff keeps you calm. Give that part of your stomach an excuse to be hot already.

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