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October 01, 2020 3 min read

The end of summer has always been one of the year's most exciting times. The final days of blissful sunshine and bikini-wearing temperatures are still nostalgic. The first glimpse of the sensation of falling into the air is like the commencement of a whole new beginning.

To give your summers a full makeover, we have curated a complete list of top fashion trends. You will be surprised to know that the 70s, 80s and 90s fashion trends are making a comeback. Big names in the fashion industry have given these trends a full throttle, from power shoulders to micro-micro bags.

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Fashion trend guide for this fall

Oversized suits


If there’s anything familiar in 2019 and 2020, then it is the suits. More specifically – the oversized suits. Be it choosing a full-size blazer or simply opting for one piece, you can never go wrong. The whole idea to stand out with suits is going simple with a tailored oversized blazer in a neutral pattern or color.

Big coats


Staying warm is the primary goal for this winter, and the huge fuzzy coats are your new friends. Not only will these keep you warm but also keep you comfortable throughout your day. Anyone who finds this trend a bit skeptical, starting with a neutral coast, is the key here.

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Fuchsia – the new feeling

This winter, fuchsia is going to be everywhere. Because it’s time to forget black and enjoy the colorful autumn season. The best part about is that this color plays really well with the neutrals and other fun brights. Ergo, pair your fuchsia top with an all-neon outfit or classic black skinnies.

Dark Rose

Another thing that you must forget this fall are the stripes and dots. Winter 2020 is all about ditsy funky patterns and dark floral mixing. Give yourself an exciting look with a dark color contrast along with sweet florals.

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Long-Sleeved Gloves

Undoubtedly, the gloves are coming back. Now they are more than just to be worn at a debutante ball. The long-sleeved gloves are a perfect match for any formal occasion that you are looking to attend this fall. Irrespective of the color, gloves are the ideal add-on for this year.

Asymmetry is forever

In the summer 2020 trends, asymmetry was all over the place, and it looks like that the same shall stay throughout the whole winter. No matter your personal style, asymmetry still stands out as a fun style to play around. This means that either you go minimalist or bold, you will stand out.

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Wide-Brim Hats

Another fashion trend that is going to be all over this fall is the hats. It’s time to show-off in style to your haters as well as the sun. Trendy wide-brim style hats may look a bit dramatic, but they will go with any look of yours. While you are at it, be sure to keep things simple as much as possible.

Fashion trends are not a one-day thing, these keep on changing but there are a few that remain acceptable throughout the year. Be it summer or winter, choosing something that suits your personality is always recommended. With these fall fashion trends, we have just started because more of this is coming your way.

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