Celebrating Sustainability The Ascott Limited Introduces A New Passport Program At Somerset Properties

Celebrating Sustainability: The Ascott Limited Introduces A New Passport Program At Somerset Properties

01 Jul, 2024 posted by Daniel

The Ascott Limited not only continues to offer exceptional services to guests but also makes a positive impact through its commitment to sustainability. To mark the first anniversary of its corporate sustainability framework, Ascott CARES, The Ascott Limited has launched an exciting new initiative: the Somerset Sustainability Passport Programme. For more details, visit our Hotel Sustainability Initiatives.


What is the Somerset Sustainability Passport Programme?

The Somerset Sustainability Passport Programme is a unique global initiative designed to bring Ascott’s sustainability goals to life through interactive guest participation. By offering a range of eco-friendly activities, wellness programs, and community events, the program aims to create a meaningful connection between guests and the Somerset brand, which champions inclusivity and sustainability.


Three Pillars of Harmony

The program is built around three key pillars:

1. Harmony with the Environment — Somerset properties are committed to promoting environmental conservation. For example, Somerset Suzhou Bay in China hosts a plant adoption drive where guests can cultivate plants using recycled materials. In Thailand, Somerset Rama 9 Bangkok offers children the chance to plant herbs in an environmentally friendly rooftop garden. These initiatives aim to inspire a passion for nature and conservation among guests, especially younger ones.

2. Harmony with Oneself — Focusing on mental and physical wellbeing, Somerset encourages guests to engage in activities away from their screens. Somerset Sudirman Jakarta in Indonesia promotes healthy eating with wholesome snacks for kids, while Somerset Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia offers a mini salad station in the lobby. Additionally, Somerset Pattaya in Thailand provides diverse fitness classes such as yoga and Muay Thai, and Somerset Al Fateh Bahrain offers yoga and meditation sessions for both adults and children.

3. Harmony with the People — Somerset fosters bonding with family and community interaction. At Somerset Ginza East Tokyo in Japan, culture workshops help guests appreciate local traditions. In Istanbul, Somerset Maslak offers tours to famous landmarks, allowing families to explore the rich local culture.


Engaging the Next Generation

A key aspect of the Sustainability Passport Programme is its focus on educating the next generation about sustainability. Children and their families are given a Sustainability Passport booklet filled with tasks like conserving energy, sorting recyclables, and gardening. By completing these tasks, kids earn prizes and learn practical ways to contribute to environmental conservation.


Expanding Sustainability Efforts

Somerset properties globally are implementing various initiatives to further reduce their carbon footprint. For example, Somerset Greenways Chennai in India recycles plastic bottles into t-shirts for guests, and Somerset properties in China repurpose plastic bottles into school uniforms for underprivileged students. In Singapore, Somerset Bencoolen has switched from bottled water to in-room water dispensers and replaced corridor lights with energy-efficient LED lighting.

Building a Sustainable Future

Somerset properties are designed with sustainability in mind, integrating eco-friendly features to reduce carbon emissions. Many Somerset locations have earned the Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies (EDGE) certification for significant reductions in energy and water consumption, and integrated carbon in construction materials. This includes properties in cities like Hanoi, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, and Tianjin. Somerset Greenways Chennai has gone a step further, achieving EDGE Advanced certification for its use of 100% renewable energy.


Ascott CARES continues to drive the company’s sustainability efforts, with a goal of reaching Net Zero emissions by 2050. The Somerset Sustainability Passport Programme is a testament to Ascott’s dedication to creating a sustainable and inclusive future, inspiring guests to take practical actions that contribute to a healthier planet.