Choosing the Right Brake Repair Shop

Choosing the Right Brake Repair Shop

19 Jul, 2022 posted by Daniel

Brake repair is a task that requires a fair amount of manual dexterity and knowledge about car mechanics. In this article, we’ll be outlining some things to keep in mind when choosing a brake repair shop, so that you can make sure you’re getting the best possible service.


What to Look For in a Brake Repair Shop


When it comes to brake repairs, there are a few things that you should look for in a shop. A good brake repair shop will have knowledgeable staff who have years of experience working on brakes.

Make sure that the mechanic has the proper tools and equipment to do the repairs properly. Finally, make sure that the shop is licensed and insured. If something goes wrong with your brakes after they’ve been repaired, you’ll want to be sure that they can take care of you.


Types of Brakes


Brake repair can be expensive, so it’s important to choose the right shop. Here are four types of brakes and their corresponding repair shops:


  1. Manual Brakes: These are typically found on older cars or trucks. Manual brakes use a cable to pull the brake pad against the rotor. This type of brake requires regular maintenance and should be repaired by a mechanic with experience working with them.
  2. Hydraulic Brakes: These are most commonly used on cars and trucks today. Hydraulic brakes use fluid pressure to stop the car. They’re easy to operate, but they can also be more complex to repair than manual brakes, so they should be serviced by a mechanic who is experienced with them.
  3. Electronic Brakes: These are becoming more common on newer cars and trucks. Electronic brakes use sensors to detect the amount of pressure being applied to the brake pads. Electronic brakes require less maintenance than hydraulic or manual brakes, but they may not work as well in cold weather conditions or if they’re abused.
  4. Anti-lock Brakes: These are becoming more common on cars and trucks of all types. Anti-lock brakes use sensors to detect if the car is going to skid, and then applies a force to the brake pedal to prevent it from happening. This type of brake is usually more expensive than other types, and they may require a new master cylinder or brake line in order to be repaired.


Checking the Brakes


Things to check before choosing a brake repair shop: the expertise of the staff, the quality of the work, and whether they have a good warranty. Make sure your mechanic has experience working on brakes. Brake mechanics are typically required to have at least five years’ experience in order to work on cars with braking systems. The quality of work can be assessed by checking out their licensing and certifications. A good brake repair shop will also have a good warranty.


Adjusting Brakes


If your car has disc brakes, they will need to be adjusted at least once a year. Most brake repairs can be done at home, but it’s important to choose a reputable brake repair shop that knows how to do this job properly.


  • Ask friends and family for referrals.
  • Check online reviews. This is an excellent way to get unbiased feedback about a particular shop before making an appointment or arranging a repair.
  • Talk to the mechanic about your specific car and brakes.


How to Tell If Your Brakes Are Needed Repaired


If you’re noticing an increase in the amount of stopping power your brakes are providing, it may be time for a brake repair.


  1. Check your brake pedal feel. If the pedal feels spongy or mushy, your brakes may need to be repaired.
  2. Inspect your brake pads and rotors. If either of these components looks damaged, your brakes may need to be serviced or replaced.
  3. Test your brakes to see how well they work. Pulling to the left or right on the brake pedal should cause the car to come to a stop quickly.



When you’re in need of brake repair, it’s important to choose a shop that you can trust. This means finding a shop with experienced technicians and a good reputation. Make sure to ask around for reviews before making your decision, and don’t be afraid to go with the first shop that offers you a good deal.

Photo by Un Liu & Michael Kauer