16 Feb, 2022 posted by Laudee

The skincare industry has witnessed meteoric growth including the production of products that boost your skin’s ability to produce collagen and elastin for youthful and supple skin. With these products, you no longer have to try every trick in the book to maintain and enhance the “look” and “feel” of your skin. But the biggest question is, how do you single out these magical products in a sea of many? You might want to read to the end to learn how!  Let’s get started, shall we?


Why Skin Lifting and Firming Products are Essential

The most notable signs of aging are expressed on our skin. Changes in skin pigmentation and texture, sagging and wrinkles all denote aging. Aging and sun exposure causes a decrease in the skin’s collagen and elastin production which leads to the aforementioned side effects. The lack or absence of these core components transforms a smooth-looking skin into a wrinkled and sagging one.

But the good news is, some products and formulations can restore the skin’s elasticity, moisture, and collagen which are affected by aging. These products are typically packed with anti-aging skincare ingredients such as Hyaluronic acid, retinol, vitamin C, and Peptides. Hyaluronic acid stimulates hydration, retinol increases cell turnover while Vitamin C maximizes collagen production and bestows antioxidant protection.


Note These Key Ingredients when Purchasing Skin Lifting Products

Effective skin lifting products contain several anti-aging ingredients that boost hydration, collagen and elastin production, and sun protection. These ingredients are classed into two; antioxidants and cell regulators. Antioxidants include vitamins B3, C, and E, while common cell regulators include retinol, peptides, hyaluronic acid, tretinoin, salicylic (Beta hydroxy acid, BHA), and glycolic acids ( Aloha hydroxy acid, AHA).

The vitamins, which are minuscule and can easily penetrate the skin, work to delay collagen deterioration. Cell regulators, on the other hand, stimulate collagen production and improve hydration. Besides restoring aged skin to its former glory, they also improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Cell regulators like salicylic and glycolic acids act as exfoliants by eliminating dead skin cells.


Choosing and Buying the Best Skin Firming Products

Choosing the most suitable skin lifting product or cream for sensitive areas of the skin like the neck and face is a tricky affair. Because the skin on the neck is as thin as can be, it is more prone to the negative effects of sun exposure and aging, namely, sagging, wrinkles amongst others. Here are three key tips to consider when choosing these products :

  1. Choose Products with Collagen-stimulating Ingredients

When choosing skin firming products or creams, read the label to ascertain if the product contains collagen-improving ingredients like retinol and peptides. Also, you can use face lifting products for the neck and body as well. Ultimately, the right skin tightening products for the face, neck, and chest typically include peptides, retinol, and niacinamide (Vitamin B3 is formulated as niacinamide ).

  1. Look out for Sun protection

Parts of the skin like the face and neck are often subjected to photoaging as they are more exposed to the sun. As such, choose products that carry a sun protection factor (SPF). Products with SPF 15 or 30 are highly recommended. You can go for products with a higher SPF rating if you so, please.  But it is best to check in with your dermatologist first!

  1. Choose and use Retinol-based creams with Caution

Retinol-based skin firming products are recommended for use around the eyes and face, however, you need to tread with caution when applying the product to these areas. Retinol is associated with side effects affecting the eyes and eyelids. These include redness, dryness, and irritation.


These Ingredients are a No-no

Skin firming products can contain other ingredients aside from those listed above. Some of these ingredients can be harmful to the skin and should be avoided. That said, watch out for these two Must-avoid ingredients in skin lifting products :

  1. Parabens

These are preservatives commonly used in skin care products to extend shelf life. Parabens are known to bind estrogen receptors in the body, thereby altering the function of the endocrine system. Though there are no short-term side effects linked to the use of products containing parabens, long-term use has been linked to breast cancer and alterations in sperm quality.

Non-L-ascorbic acid Vitamin C

L-ascorbic acid is the singular, biologically active form of vitamin C, approved for medical use. Other forms of vitamin C found in skincare are ineffective at best because they lack the molecular weight to penetrate the skin.


The Bottom Line

Skin lifting and firming products are one of the most inventive and beneficial skincare products ever made. However, there are different types available for sale and you can easily choose the wrong one for your skin. As such, it is wise to watch out for certain stand-out ingredients along with sun protection factors when buying a cream or product that guarantees younger-looking skin.