16 Feb, 2022 posted by Laudee

The makeup and beauty universe is one fast-moving train with out-of-the-box beauty-inclined ideas coming up every day. One of such is how to store your makeup. People are moving from the usual storage methods they are so used to for more artistic, fun, and creative ways. If you’re reading this, then we’re guessing you are too.

Makeup does a lot, from covering up our skin imperfections to enhancing our beauty, and they deserve some beautiful storage. To make things easier for you and help you keep your makeup safe, neat, and attractive, we have rounded up seven fun amazing cute storage ideas that will not only make your beauty products eye-catching but will also glam up your space.

Trust us when we say the finish results of the following storage suggestions will leave you awestruck:

  1. Makeup Fridge

Going for luxurious, cute, and fancy? Then a makeup fridge is the right storage choice for your makeup. Nothing beats giving yourself some cooling makeup treatments with the cool products you store in your makeup fridge. It’s a cute mini fridge with enough space to house essential makeup products that are best used cold, like eyeliner or setting spray.

  1. Makeup Bag

Makeup bags are economical, easy to carry around, and the go-to when all other things fail. What’s more? It’s the perfect choice to hold all your makeup essentials when traveling. The best makeup bags come in different sizes, shapes, and styles.

  1. Beauty Box

Similar to a makeup bag, a beauty box will come in handy when you have lots of makeup products and if you’re always on the go. Most beauty boxes come in organized compartments for different sizes of makeup products and tools. With a beauty box, you

  1. Vanity Drawer Organizer

A vanity drawer organizer is all shades of class and comfort. You can get a vanity drawer in various cute colors ranging from pink, baby blue, purple, white, and more. They come in sizes and enough number of drawers to accommodate your different products. You can bet you will not mind spending hours and hours give your face a beat before the vanity drawer.

  1. Rolling Utility Cart

Picture yourself grappling to hold onto a foundation bottle, a variety of lipsticks, and your expensive eyeshadow palette while still trying to open the door to your bedroom. Your precious, precious makeup essentials could fall and break, spilling all the gorgeous formulas and leaving you with a broken heart.

To avoid this, you can arrange your makeup in a rolling utility cart and roll it away whenever you need to transport your makeup from one room to another. For an extra dose of cuteness, get a cart in color as that of your house or one that will complement your home’s décor colors.

  1. Jars And Pots

Mason jars, Old candle jars, plastic jars, and even old plant pots are excellent options for storing your brushes. Jars and pots are good recycling and upcycling methods, which means while you’re keeping your makeup, you’re also supporting sustainability. To transform your plain jars, give them a makeover by painting them, designing them, or covering them in colored glued shimmers.

  1. Vertical Magnetic Board

you do not want your makeup items toppling over one another now, do you? I guess not. What better way to make them stay put until you pull them out for use than a magnetic board? Place your pallets and little round makeup containers vertically on the board. You could design the board’s borders or paint the entire board your fav color for some extra style.


And there you have it, seven cute and easy to use makeup storage ideas to keep your makeup safe and longer-lasting. You can never go wrong with any of these storage options, and if you do not already use one or more of them, you should hurry to give it a try.