16 Feb, 2022 posted by Laudee

“Are there any height gain supplements out there that can make me taller?”

“How long do height gain pills take to start working?”

“What exercise routines can work to make me taller in a few weeks?”

These questions and more are some worries of those actively seeking to grow tall even after adulthood.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t help that many manufacturers are out there brandishing their pills, supplements, and whatnot as the Holy Grail for getting taller and, as an extension, the panacea to all health issues.

But do supplements make you taller?

We’re about to find out.



Supplements are nutritional additions taken to deliver nutrients to the body that may not have been consumed in sufficient amounts.  Supplements may come in pills, tonics, tablets, liquids, and whatnot, but like every other drug, they have their dosages, and consuming more than required will only cause adverse effects to one’s health.

Supplements may come in pills, tonics, tablets, liquids, vitamin patches and whatnot, but like every other drug, they have their dosages, and consuming more than required will only cause adverse effects to one’s health.



  1. Body Building

Supplements help build the body, improve muscle function, enhance degenerative muscles, repair tissues, and provide an overall healthy body system.

  1. Weight Gain

Some supplements work to alter your metabolism process, increasing your appetite and slowing down metabolism, which reduces the breakdown of food into energy by your body system, ultimately making you gain weight.

  1. Nutritious

Suppose you are indisposed to eating a balanced diet or have a hectic lifestyle and can’t afford to eat lots of foods rich in the required fatty acids, proteins, and other nutrients. In that case, you may take food supplements and pills instead of meals to give you the daily intake of nutrients your body needs, boost your immunity, and make you healthy.  This is, however, not to promote the foregoing of healthy meals for supplements only.

  1. Improves Heart Health

Vitamin C and Dietary supplements are good supplement options for promoting heart health by reducing the risks of high blood pressure, heart disease, and cholesterol issues.

  1. Fights Vitamin Deficiencies

Taking vitamin supplements regularly will work to combat vitamin deficiencies in your body by supplying your body with the required level of vitamins it needs daily.


The answer is No.  As seen above, the health and nutritional benefits of taking supplements are numerous, but no supplement or pill directly alters our ability to grow tall. It is possible to take vitamin D and Calcium supplements as an older adult to reduce the risk of osteoporosis (porous and fracturable bones) or Human Growth Hormones supplements to boost the growth hormones.


Now that it is clear that supplements do not make one grow taller – sadly. We know how difficult it can be to add a couple more inches even after your growth plates are closed shut. The Good news is that we have just the right option for your height insecurities – hello GTX!

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