17 Feb, 2022 posted by Laudee

When we go to sleep at night, it is suggested by many beauticians to make your skin pores relax so that your skin can breathe. Well to remove makeup one requires good quality make remover. Do you all know how to make it at home?

Well, it is too hard to remove makeup without makeup remover. Washing our face is not always enough to remove the different layered makeup applied on the skin by us. The products you use are chemical products which make your skin dry. There is another factor which helps these chemicals to make your skin worse is pollution. Here we are going to discuss some of the home-based remedies which you can do if you run out of makeup remover. Below we have mentioned about DO IT YOURSELF, which will help you to counter your miseries. Not only will this cut down your expenses too. After using this once, you will suggest it to others to use. So let’s start.

Following is guide steps to verbalize your makeup removers. We have taken a reference of expert’s book to help you with this home-made make-up remover.

To begin with, the first makeup remover we will talk about is –

Aloe-Lavender Make-up Remover

  1. Two teaspoons of olive oil
  2. Three tablespoons of apple cider vinegar
  3. Three tablespoons of aloe vera gel
  4. A few drops of lavender oil

Do you know why this olive oil is famous for? Well, in case of makeup it is a fabulous ingredient for skincare, but here for makeup remover, mixing it with these other ingredients works well as an astringent as well as a soothing gel. You can very easily mix the aloe vera gel, apple cider vinegar, olive oil and lavender oil and wipe off your makeup with a cotton ball.

Moving forward in the list, the second makeup remover is

Eucalyptus-Rosemary Make-up Remover

  1. Two tablespoons rosemary oil
  2. Two teaspoons liquid castile soap
  3. ½ cup of water
  4. A few drops of eucalyptus oil

After olive oil, Eucalyptus oil is another magic ingredient which has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. Also, it helps to cleanse chemical residues without dehydrating the skin further. Add water to the soap and oils and wash off.

Let’s move forward to the last one which is

Bergamont-Lemon Make-Up Remover

  1. Two tablespoons lemon oil
  2. A few drops of mandarin oil
  3. ½ cup of water
  4. Two teaspoons baby shampoo
  5. A few drops of bergamot oil

Mix water with baby shampoo, add oils. Use a cotton ball to erase the makeup.

Another option for you is to make DIY cleansing milk at home. It is very easy to make only you have to mix raw milk, rose water, 2-3 drop of almond oil and lemon juice together and wipe off your makeup with a cotton swab. After using this medicine, you don’t need to wash your face also.

Well, makeup cleaning is very much necessary, and with that, the brushes, blender of any appliance you use for makeup should be neat and tidy. Hence for that, you should regularly wash your tools. You can use tea tree oil to treat fungal infections and fight blemishes and acne-causing bacteria. You can even spray this medicine on your cleaned brushes after they have dried.

While cleansing the makeup is important, equally significant is to keep the makeup application brushes super clean and bacteria and fungus-free. Mix distilled water with a few drops of tea tree oil, and store it in a spray bottle. You can spray this solution on your washed brushes after they have dried. Tea tree oil is used to treat fungal infections and fight blemishes and acne-causing bacteria.

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