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Eco-Friendly Moving Tips

08 Aug, 2022 posted by Daniel

Every year, an estimated 15 million American families relocate. They generate an average of 30 million pounds in wasted tape and 90 million pounds of packing paper waste doing so. A massive amount of junk is sent to landfills as well, totaling an estimated 16.8 billion pounds.

353 million gallons of fuel are exhausted with all these yearly moves releasing millions of pounds of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. The EPA estimates a large moving truck may eject 40 pounds of carbon dioxide for every 10 miles it drives while a small truck emits 22 pounds.


Ways You Can Reduce the Environmental Impact of Your Move


Downsize Early On

Downsize early on by selling, recycling or donating unwanted items so there’s less to pack.


Dispose Hazardous Waste Properly

Dispose of any hazardous or e-waste through the proper channels.


Stockpile Packing Supplies

Stockpile packing supplies and boxes from deliveries you receive ahead of the move.


Rent Moving Boxes

Rent reusable moving boxes if available in your area instead of purchasing new boxes.


Check Local Stores for Reusable Boxes

Check with local grocery stores or corner shops for sturdy cardboard boxes you can reuse and recycle afterwards.


Utilize Household Items

Utilize household items to pack more efficiently, such as luggage, reusable grocery totes, gym bags or even large kitchen pots.


Opt for Biodegradable Packaging

Opt for biodegradable packaging and wrapping goods or use items already on hand like newspapers, old t-shirts and towels.


Look for Green Moving Services

Shop around for green moving services with sustainable and eco-friendly practices within their business models.


Diminish Your Carbon Footprint

Use a biodiesel, electric or hybrid moving truck to diminish your carbon footprint.


Limit Your Trips

Make a conscious effort to limit trips back and forth to reduce emissions.