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An hourglass figure has been on the wish-list of femininity since the beginning of time. From the pre-historic sculptures found underneath Taxila to the latest obsession with Ashley Graham’s approach to body positivity, curves have been loved and flaunted for millennia!

If you’ve got ’em, you gotta rock ’em, right?

While fashion may have been very exclusive to willowy figures and miles-long-legs, the recent gravitation towards inclusive fashion is an effort that must be embraced and appreciated! After all, the curvy girls have finally managed to steal the spotlight!

While curves have many perks, the sartorial choices are mostly limited to a specific style for the ordinary girl who is not following plus-sized influencers on social media. To help you figure out the right outfit combinations, we’ve brought out the trusty, old leather jackets!

Let’s see how many outfits you can make with a leather jacket to flaunt your curves!

Play With The Silhouette

The rule of thumb for styling leather with curves is to find the right silhouette for your body. You can take a custom leather jacket of your choice and pair it with skin-hugging denim and a plain tee-shirt, button-down shirt, camisole, or even the good old white tank tops.

The key here is to focus on the curves that you want to flaunt. Is it your derriere after a million squats? This is a personal choice and differs from person to person.  Depending on your personal style preferences, you can pick and choose accessories that work best for your body type!

Go All Asymmetrical

Asymmetrical silhouettes work best on curvy figures, especially when a leather jacket is up for grabs. You can pick a skirt with uneven hemlines and an esoteric printed dress with a long, slanting slit on the side and everything else that you are a little unafraid to wear.

A leather jacket atop asymmetrical pieces helps balance the body and ensures that you feel confident throughout the day!

Whether it is your first karaoke night post-pandemic or a date night with the love of your life, the asymmetrical combination will definitely help you remain the star of the gathering!

Opt For A Bright Pop Of Color

Embrace your curves with a splash of bright colors! You can invest in a colored leather jacket in any shade and hue across the color spectrum.

From emerald green to canary yellow, ebony black to eternal violet, every leather jacket color can look equally attractive on curvy bodies. Can you even go a little somber with a black jacket and skirt paired with a white silk blouse, perhaps?

Or maybe, go all shades of red to look your best?

You can play dress-up all day long until you find something comfortable and convenient!

Bring Out The Tallest Boots

An unwritten rule of styling heavier calves and legs is to avoid the use of strappy footwear. Anything that makes your feet look bulky will not only be difficult to wear throughout the day, but it will also leave you no choice but to feel self-conscious about yourself.

The best way to remedy this situation is to wear long boots and stilettos that provide more coverage to the feet.

This trick works well in color-blocking and helps you redirect the attention to your best features and stylish leather jackets. Especially on the days, you have donned the fringed skirts, you must opt for the highest heel in your closet to emulate the bad girl energy!

Play Risky With Silks

Silks always work as an aphrodisiac when worn on dates and intimate events. When you are ready to dress a little glamorously, then you can easily whip out a risqué silk dress that is either backless or perhaps cut a little differently from the front.

Showing some skin can also lead to hesitance for the wearer. Hence they can carry a customized leather jacket to cover up a bit.

Longer heels and smoky eye makeup always work well with silk dresses; remember that!

Pair Lingerie With Leather Jackets

While we are still discussing risqué fashion, let’s look at how lingerie and lace can be used with a leather jacket. This Gothic-style emerged a few years ago when lacy corsets and bralettes were sported atop white tee-shirts with leather jackets.

You can either try the same combination or play a little brave too. If you have a long leather jacket with a hooked neckline, you can easily wear a lacy teddy underneath. A sheer top with the fancy lingerie also works its charm on the days you want to feel completely badass!

This is an overwhelming choice, and not everyone can pull it off. But if you want to give it a try, there is no one stopping you from being a fashionista for yourself.

Patterns And Prints Make All The Difference

A printed or patterned piece with your leather jacket can help you gather all the attention on the right curves! You can highlight your derriere or blossom by pairing a neutral piece with a printed one and then topping it all with a contrasting leather jacket.

It may seem a little confusing at first; let’s illustrate this neat fashion trick with an example. Let’s assume you have a blue patterned skirt and a white silk blouse laid out for the day. When you add a black leather jacket on top, you achieve fashion nirvana!

Befriend Shapewear Like Second Skin

Whenever a curvy girl is in doubt, shapewear is precisely what she brings out! It is the best choice for concealing flabs that stop you from looking your fab self! Simply put on some shapewear underneath your favorite dress and add the leather jacket as the top layer.

And you are all sorted!

Final Thoughts

Leather jackets are available in every wardrobe. It is how we choose to wear them that makes all the difference. Experiment a little, embrace your comfort zone a little, and one day you will find a style that suits best your curves and personal choices.

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