17 Feb, 2022 posted by Laudee

Over the years, people have wanted to follow their favorite film stars’ styles. Trends grew and disappeared rapidly. Various iconic looks were trending over many years. Take a look at the biggest fashion trends started by various celebrities:

1. Sarah Jessica Parker- Manolos

Sex and the city was a revelation in the fashion industry. Sarah’s character became synonymous with taking huge risks concerning style, such as the iconic pink tutu. Nevertheless, Carrie’s most significant style impact was transforming Manolo Blahnik into a star. The designer was around since the 1970s, but due to the HBO show, his stilettos, from BB Pump to the Chaos Sandal, became so famous that every woman would want to wear those sexy shoes.

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2. Jennifer Aniston- The RachelMark Wahlberg- Saggy Jeans

Jennifer had started the biggest hair-trends in the 90s before becoming “poor Jen” and had not yet married. After her character in “Friends”, the layered hairstyle is still among the most influential hairstyles of all time.

3. Nicole Richie- The Rock and Roll Scarf

The boho style became famous due to Nicole Richie. However, edgy scarves were her contribution to mainstream fashion. The skull scarves by Alexander McQueen became one of the fashion trends that started after Richie used these scarves as accessories for countless looks.

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4. Mark Wahlberg – Saggy Jeans

Wahlberg’s impact on mainstream fashion was much greater than what Justin Bieber tried with Marky Mark’s iconic Calvin Klein ads. Mark wore saggy jeans on top of white boxers in the early 90s, although Ice-T and other African-American rappers wore them for years.

5. Madonna- Lace Gloves

Since her first album, Madonna started various trends in the 80s. She has always enjoyed the trendsetter status from single-cross earring to fingerless lace gloves. Specific trends started by celebrities have a huge impact, and these lace gloves were a must-have for teenage girls.

6. Alexa Chung- Peter Pan Collars

Alexa’s choice of wearing the style of collar on various dresses made it one of the biggest trends in the fashion industry, started by a celebrity.

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7. Rihanna- Red Hair

Katy Perry’s neon shades made colored hair very common. However, the bright red by Rihanna paved the way for stronger shades. Rihanna has always been a fashion influencer, but the red hair is the biggest.

8. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen (Hobo Boho)

The Osley twins have spent their childhood wearing costumes on TV sets and later adopted the bohemian style. They took it to a greater level with their creations and looks. Alongside an oversized twist to the boho style, they brought in a hobo version with oversized bags, sunglasses, and coat, setting celebrities’ trend.

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9. Kate Moss- The Leopard Print Coat

Certain trends started by celebrities are brought back in a new way. Kate rescued the leopard coat from its old image and gave it a new trending look in the new generation.

10. Kurt Cobain- Plaid Flannel shirts

After an excess of the 80s fashion, plaid flannel shirts’ mainstream success was possible due to Nirvana’s frontman – Kurt Cobain. His death solidified the iconic image he had created alongside the trend of lumberjack shirts.

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