17 Feb, 2022 posted by Laudee

Fruits are arguably the most fascinating, palatable, and healthy item to grace the earth. These succulent bounties are saturated with a variety of nutrients to bless the taste buds of all who munch on them.

They are sweet, nutritious, edible plant parts. Whether cooked, eaten raw, made into juices or smoothies, they are sure to unleash unique sweetness and nutrients into the systems of all who feast on them.

However, when it comes to diet decision and meal ideas, even the best of chefs at times get stuck. Yeah!  But, with fruits… your creativity wheel is sure to glide through seamlessly and without friction.

Gone are the days when fruits were only consumed after a meal, before a meal, or solely when prescribed by the dietician. It is a good thing now that people are beginning to fall on the side of healthy feeding rather than getting stuffed up with junk foods with nothing to offer the body other than excess calories, unhealthy sugar, fats, and all whatnot.

All things are assumed to have negative sides no matter how good they are, but I tell you, fruits do not fall into such categories.

So, for this period that “stay home, stay safe” has become the mantra, it is imperative to stay healthy by incorporating these 5 fruits into your diet.



Not only is apple one of the most popular fruit grown worldwide, but it is also one fruit that can be referred to as the ‘nutrient depot’. Aside from the fact that these well rounded, crunchy fruits are rich in Vitamin C; they are an amazing source of fiber that has 85% of it originating from Pectin.

The crunchiness and slow effect while munching on Apple, is as a result of its fiber and water component.

Apples come in varieties of colors from yellow, green to red making it an attractive fruit to behold. The attractiveness is nothing compared to nutrients like potassium, vitamin C, K, E, and beta-carotene it houses.

Now, here is the real reason why you should add Apples to your diet this period.

The antioxidants present in them keeps the lungs healthy. Not just that, it aids heart health, mitigates the risk of type 2 diabetes, cancer, and Alzheimer’s.

Interestingly, apples are free of fats, sodium and cholesterol. This implies you don’t have to fret about having too much of it.

You know what the common adage says about one apple a day keeps the doctor away? Yes! Consuming apples have been linked with reduced risk of cardiovascular diseases and other chronic diseases.

Fun fact:Do not peel your apple! Because 2/3 of apple’s fiber are found in the peel.


Sorry to burst your bubble, but Blueberries aren’t blue in color; instead, they are purple in color as a result of their richness in anthocyanin; a purple pigment which they contain.

Blueberries are not only beautifully coloured, but they are also packed with antioxidants and phytoflavinoids, with an overflow of potassium and vitamin C to top the virtue.

Similarly to Apples, they can lower heart disease, cancer, and act as an anti-inflammatory effect. Making them the first choice fruits doctors and nutritionist recommend during this lockdown.

What will happen if you overeat?

Absolutely nothing! That isn’t even something to worry about as you can empty the blueberry corner of the local store closest to you if you want.

Fun fact: When shopping for blueberries, be sure to select the darker ones; the darker it is, the richer it is in antioxidants.


This right here is another essential fruit you should add to your menu this lockdown. Reason being that these large, spherical, dark green fruits are embedded with peak nourishment.

It comes in sizes big enough to go round every member of the family when sliced.

Over 90% of watermelon is made up of water. Accounts for its name, obviously.

It can be eaten fresh or blended into juice. However, the way you choose to go about it, you’ll be enjoying the numerous benefits watermelon has to offer. The benefits include hydration, soothing skin, reduced chances of cancer, and diabetes.

Furthermore, it has vitamin A, a necessary nutrient if you must have healthy eyes.

Fun fact:The seeds of watermelon are packed with nutrients and so you need not fear if you swallow it. It won’t grow in you *big grin*. As a matter of fact, the whole fruit can be eaten.

Here is a quick tip:When shopping for watermelons, look for wholesome ones free of dents. Check for a yellow spot at the bottom, not white nor green, yellow! This alerts that it is ripe. Ideally, a watermelon that is ready to eat should feel heavy and hollow when you thump it.


Are you confused about what fruit to take before bedtime? Then you have the answer.

Banana is simply the best. It is naturally sweet, coupled with the fact that children love it.

Bananas have an abundance of contents that promote a healthy heart, lowers body tiredness, maintains blood pressure, fight constipation, depression, heartburn, ulcer as well as calms the body. Need I say more?

Fun fact: Botanically, banana is known as Musasapientum, meaning “fruit of the wise men.”

You already know what eating banana makes you, right?


Just like apples, this member of the citrus family is among the most popular fruit in the world.

Whether sweet or bitter, oranges are an excellent source of vitamin C. Safe to say that the consumers of these fruits are less likely to have colon cancer, colds, or recurrent ear infections.

The bottom line is that the benefits of oranges are inexhaustible. That said, there are two significant ways to live healthily. Consuming fruits is second, following our website for more ways on how to live your best life is first.

Let your immune system smile at you. Fortify it with nutrients today, so it can be strong enough to ward off antigens and all infectious diseases, providing you with lasting protection, as a robust immune system would. You deserve it!