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The social isolation during this pandemic and juggling with the work-from-home concept alongside health concerns, parenting, or financial woes, has increased fatigue and anxiety. The lockdown has given us the space, time, and opportunity of “me-time” or self-care. Our poor posture and skin devoid of exposure to sunlight want to be soothed by professional-hands. Soft background music and lavender-scented spritzes will add to the peaceful atmosphere. How can you get such services?

Get an ultimate spa experience!

After several months of lockdown, hairdressers and salons and are finally allowed to be opened partially, whereas spas are permitted to reopen fully. Certain body treatments, such as waxes and massages, are permitted. In contrast, treatments involving the face, like facials, or threading, were banned. Such restrictions led to the loss of jobs for some beauticians, while others have lost nearly one-third of their revenue. However, the “close contact” services, including makeup application, facials, eyelash treatments, and threading, have now been permitted.

The decision of resuming the beauty services was taken since the lockdown had already heavily impacted the beauty sector and many businesses are about to get closed. However, the industry would take immense care of the clients and thus abide by the government’s rules and regulations and scientific research. Nevertheless, everyone is wondering if spas will be able to manage safety alongside resuming with services that require close-proximity and physical touch.

Additional regulations for spas

Spas have always maintained the highest level of hygiene, and hence, the existing protocols prevail with certain added precautions that need to be taken for the wellbeing of staff and clients. Card-only payments alongside PPE for staff and guests are a few added rules outlined in the guidelines by the British Beauty Council and the leading beauty-industry bodies of the UK. Other measures include managing communal areas like locker rooms strictly, implementing floor markings and sanitizing stations, and ensuring luxuries like magazines, phone chargers, refreshments, or food are sacrificed.

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Before booking, the clients need to get their health check-up completed. Moreover, the sanitization of handles, lounges, and the entire spa should be introduced every 20 minutes. Some bookings might require the guests to take pre and post-treatment-showers. Face masks have to be on while specific touch treatments are taking place to reduce the risk. Strict social distancing guidelines need to be followed, and the thermal treatments would be reopened based on the varying severity of breakdown in different areas.

Prioritize health and wellbeing!

The public has a sense of urgency to return to spas after months of lockdown. However, the spas might not be able to function at full capacity. Many people expect to spend the same amount of time and money for their spa-treatments as they did before the health crisis. The pandemic has made people prioritize their wellbeing, and thus they believe spas have the expertise to help them de-stress. Since most have been cautious about their health, resuming such outdoor activities will help them establish the “new-life” kicks back. You can also go to Med Spa where you can get variety of nonsurgical aesthetic medical services under the supervision of a licensed physician.

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Therefore, after a long period of stress and uncertainty, people require some luxury and relaxation.


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