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Hiking Essentials: Checklist for the Next Hike with Your Kids in the Rainy Mountains

01 Apr, 2022 posted by Daniel

The rainy mountains are an incredible location for hiking. They offer scenic views and an extraordinary atmosphere. You can go on hikes to the picturesque rainy mountains with your kids and the entire family. This let you bond and present you with an incredible opportunity to spend family time. However, your preparation can influence your experience. For instance, failure to pack or carry essential hiking items, including things for kids, would make the experience less than worth it. Below are some hiking essentials you should have on your checklist for your next hike with your kids in the rainy mountains.

5 Hiking Essentials


Clothing is the very first thing to be packed. You need to carry suitable clothing and footwear for yourself and your kids. In the clothing segment of your checklist, you should include items like raincoats, boys’ and girls’ cardigans, and warm and heavy clothing for kids and adults. It would help to ensure that the clothing, like girls cardigans, is comfortable and ideal for the weather. For kids, ensure to pack extra clothing for changing into. Additionally, ensure that the clothing is made from the right materials (preferably water-resistant and heat-insulating).

hiking essentials


Your checklist should also include footwear. You and your kids need appropriate footwear to weather the ground in the rainy mountains. For example, a pair of boots would be perfect for you and your kids. Ensure that the boots are designed to weather the conditions in the rainy mountains. For instance, they should have non-sliding movement and be made from warm materials. You would also benefit from synthetic or wool socks to keep your feet warm and comfortable.

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Food and drinks

When participating in any activity with your kids, foods and drinks should never miss on your packing list. The same applies when going on hiking trips. Your checklist should include snacks and drinks that your kids can take on the go. Ensure to pack them in the right containers so as not to create messes during your hike. You can include fruits in your foods checklist. Ensure to carry enough food for the duration of your hike since the rainy mountains do not have shopping centers where you can stop for food. Water should also be part of your checklist.


Your hiking trip can easily turn into a nightmare and a scary experience without a proper navigation system. Getting lost in the rainy mountains with your kids is the last thing anyone would want. Therefore, your checklist should include a map of the precise hiking location. You should also include a reliable compass direction in your checklist. These tools will help make the hike less stressful.


Emergency kits

An emergency kit, including first aid items, should be part of your checklist. When hiking with kids, accidents are bound to happen. It would undoubtedly help in handling them. Your emergency kit should also include toiletries, a lighter, and a whistle.


Creating a checklist should be a significant part of the planning phase for your hike. Ensure to cover all the bases depending on the people attending the hike. Your kid’s ages should be considered when creating the checklist.