How Is Vape Pen Better Than Vape Mod?

20 Apr, 2022 posted by Laudee

Vaping has been quite popular among people since 1970. Hundreds of delicious flavors and numerous devices like CBD vape pen have made vaping a unique experience, but still, many users keep on wondering which vaping device is suitable for them. The most frequently used vaping devices are vape pens and vape mods. Continue reading the article to know which one among them is perfect for you.

What Are Vape Pens?

A vape pen is a type of e-cigarettes. It is super-slim in thickness, pen-shaped, and easy to use. Like other vaporizers, they can be recharged by a battery and include tanks for e-liquids. The convenience and low price make the vape pens ideal for new and inexperienced vapers. They are easy to carry and have gained much popularity among youngsters.

What Are Vape Mods?

Vape mods are bulkier vaporizers that provide strong flavors and significant power to the users. They usually include an external rechargeable battery and a separate tank that fits on the top of the mod. The advanced customization features, bigger size, enormous clouds, and better flavors make it perfect for experienced vapers.

Differences Between Vape Mod And Vape Pen


The size of a vape pen is generally smaller than a vape mod. Vape pens are also light in weight, and users can store them in their bags, pockets, and glove compartments. On the other hand, box mods are heavier and larger and are not as portable as vape pens. Though these things are disadvantages, experienced vapers prefer vape mods due to their excellent features, enhanced taste, and better cloud vapor.


Vape pens are simple and easy to handle. People with no experience can use them and get much satisfaction. Also, the customization options are fewer in vape pens, but what attracts the customer is the all-in-one convenience.

Vape pens offer a wide range of custom features, including tank choice, voltage, temperature, and wattage precision. They can provide all the users with a unique experience to meet all requirements.


The price of a vape pen is less than a vape mod as the former is a smaller and less complex device. Box mods are higher in price due to the presence of vast intuitive features to improve the vaping experience of the users. So the vapers generally want to invest in box mod to get the most out of it. However, for new and in-experienced vapers, a vape pen will be the right choice.


Vape pens and box mods differ in battery power, design, and life. Due to the simplicity and smaller size, vape pens provide less power and battery life than vape mods. The battery of vape pens also requires more charging than vape mods.

On the other hand, the batteries of vape mods have a bigger size, complex structure, and longer battery life. But note, when selecting a larger battery, users need to sacrifice the portability due to the heavier and bulkier nature.



Box mods have more durability than vape pens. They are heavier and bulkier as they are solid and made of thicker materials. Vape pens are smaller, fragile, and hence less durable. Moreover, as the vape pens are more portable, carrying them on the go can increase the chances of accidental damage.


Vape mods have gained popularity among the vapers as they provide a more significant throat hit and are capable of creating enormous clouds. Vape pens may offer a small amount of voltage variation. But when it comes to vape mods, they are excellent for wattage control.


People love vape pens because they are all-in-one devices. Vape pens have a built-in battery, USB cable, charger, and tank. In the case of vape mods, you need to purchase coils, fitting tanks, and batteries separately.

Easy of use

Vape pens are a perfect choice for beginners in the field of vaping. Due to the limited features available and the simple structure of vape pens, in-experienced vapers might choose them. You can fill them up and operate them by simply pressing the power button. There is also a temperature control feature in vape pens, with which people can change the wattage as per needs.

Vape mods are uniquely designed with many intuitive features to offer a personalized experience to the vapers. On the other hand, a vape mod includes numerous parts and components. So, people need some time to learn to use it properly. It will be better for customers to research before buying a vape mod.


Flavor and vapor size clouds are the two crucial factors that play a significant role in making the customers decide between a vape pen and a vape mod. If you want to enjoy a decent flavor, choose vape pens because they are designed to make vaping discreet and simple.

A vape mod is the best option if you want to enjoy a significant flavor and the ability to form larger clouds. Vape pens are for casual users and beginners, whereas vape mods are for expert vapers desiring strong flavors and enormous vapor clouds.


Should I Choose A Vape Mod Or A Vape Pen?

Choosing the right vaporizer depends on your requirements and the type of vaping device. As mentioned above, vape pens are well-designed for a simple and effective vaping experience. With the availability of a variety of e-juices, you can experience different flavors and a wide range of strengths for a smooth vaping experience with vape pens.

But if you are a vape enthusiast and want to enjoy a tailored vaping experience, then vape mods are the best. With a more up-to-date range of features, you can adjust your device to enhance the heat, power, and battery life. Moreover, using a vape mod, vapers can create colossal vapor clouds that appear to be a party trend these days.

Bottom Line

After reading this article, we hope that choosing between the CBD vape pen kits or vape mod has become easier for you. The right vaporizer is the one that can keep anyone away from traditional cigarettes. The looks and complexity do not matter if the vaping device meets your requirements.