Real men do not hesitate to pick up women

Real men do not hesitate to pick up women

08 Apr, 2022 posted by Daniel

I recently walked into the mall with my friends when I saw a man and a woman sitting on a bench not far from the food court. They talked to each other, and from their conversation, I gathered that they had just met. 

The man was holding the woman’s hand and stroking her fingers. I do not know about you, but this is a bold move and not something I would do for myself. No matter how much I liked a girl, I would never be able to tell her I liked her, and I would never hold her hand, let alone stroke her fingers. I would probably be too afraid to even look at her, let alone talk to her. Unfortunately, I am not alone.

How to pick up women?

 Many men are afraid to approach women and tell them how they feel. They think that women will find it too forward or even creepy. But in my opinion, women are not looking for men who hide behind a tree and spy on them as they walk by. But sometimes, you need to make a move, so I will tell you how to do this in this article.

Classy or old-fashioned?

Real men do not hesitate to pick up women
Real men do not hesitate to pick up women

It was vital for her to be picked up for their first date by a “gentleman.” He initially suggested they meet at a coffee shop like Starbucks and see where things go.

Not at all

It was essential to her that he drives to her apartment (preferably in a BMW) and announce his arrival. Their Tinder profiles were unmatched.

Here’s why

There’s no such thing as a small town here. A major city is a home to both of them. People don’t know each other like they do in a small town.

Most people would not feel comfortable disclosing their addresses to unknown strangers on the internet. There is no way to know what might happen. Your conversation partner could very well be a scammer. There is the potential for a stalker incident to occur in the whole situation.

Is it possible that we won’t be able to make a date?

Real men do not hesitate to pick up women
Real men do not hesitate to pick up women

Your home is now known to them. I hope nothing drastic happens.

If they did, what would happen?

It is now imperative that you double-check the locks on your doors every night before you go to sleep.

It may just be that she wants a free ride

Have you heard about people using dating apps to get free food? As online dating has become more popular, food diggers have also increased. These individuals don’t intend to stay together for a long time.

It’s all about dragging people along and seeing how much profit they can extract from a financial, emotional, and physical standpoint. After that, the person is dumped, and someone else is assigned. Everyone knows this plot by now. It’s become a cliché.

The woman may want an Uber ride without paying

Perhaps she is just naive

It might be that the woman in the story is new to all of this dating stuff. I may have watched too many thrillers. It seems apparent that she wants the classic fairytale experience.

Surely everyone does

However, it would be best if you protect yourself. It would be best if you were on the safe side.

It is the default option to hold meetings in public

It is acceptable for people to meet in public for the first time. People do this all the time. It’s a low-risk and high-reward scenario chatting for an hour at a coffee shop.

What are your thoughts?

Who does not like a bit of romance in life? But more importantly, who does not like a bit of romance with the right person? That is what the idea of a romantic date is all about. Many people have a hard time finding a romantic partner, so people look to different places to find someone. As a result, many businesses have become a hot spot for singles to find a romantic partner.

When a man stares at a woman, many people will think he is a pervert. But sometimes, he is just looking at her and admiring her beauty. Men are often afraid of being ridiculed by others if they are courageous enough to pick up a girl. Women like the guys who are confident and brave. And by being brave enough to pick up a woman, you will prove to her that you are optimistic. 

Do you believe that real men do not hesitate to pick up women from the street? If you are a man, you may feel that this kind of behaviour is not manly, or it is not a real man. Assuming you are a lady, you might think that this conduct is fantastic. Others, who are not in this situation, may believe that the women on the street are gorgeous and want to be surrounded by many flowers. However, it should be said that the women on the road are not beauty queens, but they are all beautiful to someone.

The truth is, most women are attracted to confident men. If a man can create a conversation with a woman, that is the first step to a successful pickup. There is no magic formula to picking up a woman, but there are things that you can do to make it a bit easier for yourself. 

It is not necessary to develop a pickup line because women are more interested in how you make them feel. The best way to attract a woman is by being comfortable with yourself. If you can be happy with who you are, a woman will be able to appreciate that. Yet, if you are not sure to the point of moving toward a lady, then, at that point, try to attempt these tips.