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Is Remote Working Compromising On Healthy Habits: 10 Things To Note

10 Mar, 2022 posted by Laudee

Working from home!- the new normal.


All credit goes to the global coronavirus pandemic. Those days are now long gone, when we used to go to the office, chit-chat with our colleagues while working, and attend boardroom meetings with clients.


Now, everything is being done from your home, sitting in front of the computer screen. Apart from changing your workplace, this new normal has changed several other things, including your health.
Is Remote Working Compromising On Healthy Habits? 
Before all these work-from-home scenarios and global pandemics, we used to have a proper routine. We used to wake up early, exercise a little, or run to cover some certain distance, have our breakfast on time, go to the office, come back home and get enough sleep.


The global pandemic has changed almost everything. Due to the work-from-home system, your 9 to 5 job has gone from waking up to going to bed. Apart from that, we are not able to hit the gym and exercise anymore. This might be because of the social distancing scenario or might be because of lack of time.


As a result, more and more people are suffering from mental illness, and eventually, in order to cope with the busy, puzzling schedule, developing substance abuse. Of course, it is not the solution. In order to stay healthy in this tough time, you also need to continue some healthy habits.
10 Things To Note About Healthy Habits During Remote Working
As we have mentioned above, working from home is affecting the healthy habits we used to have. In order to stay healthy and stick to a healthy routine, including the following healthy habits in your daily schedule.


Now, we will have a look at all those healthy habits you should consider. All these habits will also help you to take care of your mental health in this pandemic.
Habit 1: Create A Defined Workspace
When you used to go to the office, did you work on the floor, or in the canteen, or in the lift lobby?

No, right? There is a particular space for you or a deal for you to work.

Then why are you making the entire house your workplace? So, allot a dedicated space for your work, and whenever you open your laptop, you will only be at a particular spot.
Habit 2: Simply No Sweatpants
Working from home gives you a lot of liberty. We can work from wherever we want, and wear whatever we want. That does not mean you will work on your bed and wear your sweatpants or pajamas. Always opt for a dress, which will make you sit straighter. This way, you will be able to ensure most of the work is done.
Habit 3: Invest In Your Surroundings
You have designated a particular workspace for your work-from-home days.


Now, invest a little amount and make your workspace a place where you will enjoy spending time. Use calming and inspiring images for decorating the space, and also include colors that will help you focus on your work. Buy a comfy chair, get some plants, throw up some art. All these things will boost your productivity altogether.
Habit 4: Eat A Healthy Diet
In order to stay healthy, you need to eat healthily. You wake up late, that does not mean you will not have breakfast and directly attend the early morning meeting. You have to ensure you are having proper meals at the right time. Remote working means a lot of work, and in order to do a lot of extra work, you also have to stay healthy and fit. For that, eating healthy is a must.
Habit 5: Step Out Into The World
When you are developing some healthy habits, you also need to ensure that throughout the day, you are not glued to your workspace. This way, you will never be able to leave the house, which is not at all great for your overall health. In between your work, take some small breaks and get some fresh air, all these together will help you to boost your productivity.
Habit 6: Limit Your Social Media
In between our work, we often take a small break and open social media. Although we think of just looking at it for 2 minutes, and the 2 minutes turns into 20 minutes. Studies show that due to watching social media, it takes a sound 25 minutes to get back on track. This way, you are actually wasting your work time, which is also affecting overall time management.
Habit 7: Stay Looped In
You and your co-workers might be scattered from different places and regions. In this case, building a routine and rapport is indeed tough work. That is why setting up a time when you both can actually get each other up for speeding on what everyone is working on. It can be a weekly video call or a slack.
Habit 8: Maximize Your Time
When you are working from home, you actually have a certain level of liberty and freedom about organizing and planning your work. In case you are more focused and productive during the noontime than the morning time, plan your work as per that. Utilize the 2 p.m. noon time for more serious and important work instead of investing the early morning 9:30 a.m. time for that work.
Habit 9: Stay Active
As we have mentioned several times, flexibility is a part of remote working. You might have a meeting with your supervisor and report about the entire day. It does not mean you necessarily have to take the meeting sticking in front of the computer screen. You can walk and talk on the phone during the meeting. This way you will do at least some activities like just walking and breathing outdoors.
Habit 10: Set Time Boundaries
When you are working from home, it becomes really easy for your work-time to bump into your leisure time. In this case, maintaining a work-life balance becomes really tough. That is why setting up time boundaries is necessary; this way, you will be able to split your working hours, your family time, and your alone time properly, which is a must for a healthy life.

Photo by Damir Spanic on Unsplash