Making The Perfect Maldives Honeymoon Your Step-by-Step Guide To Romantic Bliss In Paradise

Making The Perfect Maldives Honeymoon: Your Step-by-Step Guide To Romantic Bliss In Paradise

02 Oct, 2023 posted by Daniel

Woo and be wooed on this romantic rendezvous!

Offering endless natural beauty of clear blue waters lapping pristine white sands to dreamy beachscapes and bewitching sunsets, a honeymoon in the Maldives is a compelling treasure trove of indulgences from alluring privacy and tranquillity to the epitome of luxury as deserved by lovers on their honeymoon.


Planning the Maldives Honeymoon

Once the important decision on the honeymoon destination the Maldives is made, there is a usual feeling of euphoria seeing the picturesque resort settings against the cerulean skies and spectacular beaches. However, as discerning visitors preparing for their romantic honeymoon, it is vital to plan so that you can secure the luxury resort in Maldives as per your choice and even book flight seats so that no last-minute bookings at higher cost. Understand your expectations before you book the resort. Although outwardly resorts look similar and seem to have similar amenities be intuitive to understand that this trip is unique and very special therefore you must have the specific needs and wants fulfilled furthermore you want to show your love by doing special things for your partner. Hence ask yourselves about the type of accommodation, beach villa or overwater villa, which water sports you would like to indulge in, any spa or wellness package etc. before deciding on the resort.


Best time for the Honeymoon

Experiencing two main seasons, the dry season and wet season the Maldives remains an excellent destination throughout the year. The dry season is from January to March with the wet season hitting the islands from May to November. From November to early April is fine weather in the Maldives and is ideal for most of the water sports and excursions. The peak season for the Maldives in terms of higher tourist arrivals and consequent higher hotel rates and airfares happen from December to March. June and July are the low season with lower hotel rates and lower air fares. This period encounters very little rainfall. Work around these and your work schedules to decide on the period of your honeymoon.


Working out the Budget

Whilst a paradisical honeymoon has its price tag for an utterly private romantic rendezvous one must consider the divine setting that comes with each resort. Added to this are the remote locations of each private resort, with each occupying one island to provide that unique slice of paradise. This means all the provisions for the resort must come by boat, which adds to the cost. Consider all these factors when deciding on the budget for this trip. Look at which nightly rates you would use, bed and breakfast, half-board or all-inclusive, the types of activities and excursions you will undertake and the services like spa facilities you intend to use. Don’t fail to include the airfares in the budget including the international flight to Male and the cost of the seaplane ride if any.


Selecting the resort

Whilst there are numerous types of accommodation to choose from such as hotels, guesthouses, liveaboards and luxurious resorts, your special trip deserves that niche resort providing you with the right ambience, privacy, the perfect beach villa, or overwater villa, with or without plunge pool etc. As you deliberate on these to decide, look at the activities both of you want to indulge in. If you are looking forward to a couples snorkelling expedition it makes sense to choose a resort such as NH Collection Maldives Havodda Resort which has a house reef. Similarly, verify whether the chosen resort has the couples’ spa package that you want to surprise your partner with. And don’t fail to check whether the resort of your choice can be reached with a speedboat transfer, or if it is a far north resort or deep south resort requiring a seaplane transfer as well as a speedboat ride. If a seaplane ride is required, it will be another awesome experience to view the Maldives from the low flying plane along with your loved one


Things to do as Honeymooners

Do snorkelling or diving – These are the best ways to experience the spectacular underwater life in the Maldives offering a lot of joy in witnessing the colourful marine life and doing so along with your loved one. If you stay at a resort with its house reef this becomes very easy.

Have a picnic at a sandbank – Most resorts provide this fascinating excursion to give the guests the Robinson Crusoe experience of visiting an uninhabited sandbank. You can swim, laze about (of course with loads of sunscreen to protect you) and capture images of many happy moments together.

Arrange a surprise dinner on the beach for your partner – Get the romantic setting planned, the resort staff are well geared for this. Have candles, champagne or the beverage of your choice and a special dinner to woo your partner. Start with a stroll at the beach and linger over the dinner under thousands of stars and romantically lit by candles before turning in for the night.

Have a romantic rendezvous on a sunset cruise – Arrange a traditional dhow cruise to bask in the beauty of the sunset with your loved one by your side kindling a romantic bliss as you watch the sun in its brilliance sinking into the sea. Watching it while both of you are on the water is a fantastic experience.

Rejuvenate at the Spa – The resorts take pride in offering spa experiences par excellence and what better time than on your honeymoon to be indulging in a couple’s spa to rejuvenate? Choose a regular package or have one curated for you. This will be an unforgettable experience both of you will rejoice in.


Make your guide a perfect one

These pointers will help you to be more insightful about the Maldives and pack wisely for this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

  • As an Islamic nation the work week in the Maldives is from Sunday to Thursday with Friday and Saturday being holidays. Hence, if you decide to visit Male Island on a Friday, check for the boat services beforehand as operations are less frequent during the weekend.
  • Most Maldivians understand and speak English although their local language is Dhivehi.
  • Whilst Maldivian Rufiyaa is the local currency most international currencies like US Dollar, British Pounds and Euros are accepted in addition to credit cards.
  • Make sure you pack adequate sunscreen with UV protection and have sun hats and sunglasses.
  • Stay hydrated, especially when you are outdoors.
  • Be modestly dressed covering the shoulders, and upper arms as well as the knees when you are on an inhabited island as modesty is expected in dress and demeanour as per Islamic culture.