17 Feb, 2022 posted by Laudee

All would agree that the beach is undoubtedly the best day-out place for men during summers. However, it’s hard to find out how to dress correctly to remain at the same time relaxed and fashionable. All men need to learn how to go for the right combinations that can make one look beautiful within minutes are beach clothes that are easy to wear. If more proof is required that gaudy, knee-length board shorts and a tatty old singlet are no longer appropriate vacation attire for gentlemen than the invitation to show at the Milan Fashion Week in July for Australian resort wear label Commas should be given.

The latest collection, with the latest silhouettes and prints, is lighter than ordinary, very textured, and the most extensive collection to date. The brand’s popularity points to a shift in men’s holiday wear toward sophistication. It represents a broader shift in how men, and indeed women, dress now: our lives and leisure interests have become more interconnected, and we are not all chasing the ideal capsule wardrobe.

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Much of its progress comes from the consumer’s interest in reaction to years of more casual and speculation-driven menswear trends, a return to a more traditional and classic approach to dress is seen. The 9-5 wardrobe is invaded by holiday dressing due to fewer boundaries between work and play, with many preferring flexible pieces tailored to various occasions. The ultimate, effortless layering piece under an unstructured blazer is also a luxury T-shirt that stands alone in the summer months. A leather sneaker gives a pair of shorts, a stylish look, but also a casual style. The trick is to invest in the right ones and the right colors in your wardrobe, so they have flexibility. The concept of working harder vacation wardrobes is currently expressed in other typical luxury resort wear labels.

The men’s resort wear market was low at the time it was introduced – it was found that all of the participants had swim shorts from the same brand, and there was nobody else to tap into the demand. These collections are built to take you from the water to the bar, whether you are by the pool or the sea, so when we make, we already have flexibility in mind. Due to our mission to deliver styles that are comfortable enough for the beach and yet sophisticated enough for the evening, our collections can easily be worn outside the holiday setting. There’s also a joy in dressing up for holidays, mainly because it makes a bit more creativity and playfulness.

The other thing about a holiday wardrobe is that you can celebrate light, you can really celebrate print, and it’s also a moment in most men’s lives where you may be a bit more fun than you usually are in the way, you would often dress. Perhaps, holiday dressing’s real attraction is that it’s less about a destination and more about an atmosphere and mood.