Microblading Hairline

All you need to know about Microblading Hairline

10 May, 2022 posted by Daniel

What is Microblading Hairline?

Hairline Microblading is the temporary tattooing technique using a thin pigmented blade to make strokes on your hairline, giving it a naturally thicker look like hair strands. It is also called scalp micro-pigmentation.

Why Do people need Hairline Microblading?

Many people go through certain medical conditions, due to which sometimes they suffer hair loss or because of heredity, hormonal changes people have a lesser volume of hair in certain areas like eyebrows, scalp, hairline. Believe it or not, hair is an essential part of life as it enhances the overall personality and beauty. People tend to try so many things like hair transplants or taking medications etc, to increase the hair volume.

Here we are going to talk about one of the temporary solutions for hair volume called “Hairline Microblading,” which will help you to conceal the hairline area where the hair growth is less, or there is an irregular shape of the hairline, like how we conceal our face from blackheads and pimples we can give our hairline asymmetric shape through microblading hairline. It is for both women and men, and especially for those who think that their foreheads are way too big for the hairline they have. It also gives a Suitable cut for the face. Hairline microblading is as similar as we do for eyebrows as the same needle, or we can say the blade is used for both the procedures; we will discuss it further in detail.

How does it work?

Microblading Hairline technique is an effortless procedure that can be done in a few hours without any prior preparation. It requires a microblading needle which is used to place individual strokes of the cosmetic pigment like your hair color onto the dermis, which is the inner layer of the two main layers of the skin. We will discuss it further in detail. We come across lots of questions in our mind when we talk about hairline microblading few of them are answered below:

What is the procedure?

So, the process begins with the technician outlining the hairline with a pencil. Now, once it is done, the technician will use a thin blade pigmented with hair color you possess and make individual tattooed strokes onto the hairline, which gives it the look of natural hair strands.

How long does it take?

It will take approx. one to two hours depending upon the area needed to cover, like the scalp. If you have a larger size to cover, it might take more than two hours.

How many sessions do we require for hairline microblading?

It may require two to three sessions depending upon the skin type you have. If you have oily skin, then it might take three sessions. Also, after all the sessions, technicians may need one or two appointments to add extra touch up, it depends upon your skin type and how well the process happened with you.

What are the side effects?

It is always recommended to consult a dermatologist before you go for it. Also, make sure you share all your skin allergies and issues with the dermatologist and ask whether this Microblading hairline is suitable for you or not, considering your skin issues. Sometimes, once in ten times, it might not suit you due to medical problems.

What kind of tools or equipment are used?

A Microblading needle is used for the procedure.

microblading hairline
Image Credits Perfection Permanent Makeup

How long does it last?

It again depends upon your skin type. If you have dry skin, it may last for more than a year; however, if you have oily skin, it may last for 6 to 8 months. It fades soon if you have oily skin and come across sunlight as the ink starts fading into light blue color. So it is always recommended you apply sunscreen before going out, whether you do the treatment or not, it is always recommended.

What are the precautions we need to take after we do hairline microblading?

Nothing much, you cannot do shampoo or apply oil for three to four days so that the pigment placed onto the dermis can settle and be in the exposure to direct sunlight; you also need to avoid places that are not clean like swimming pools, gyms. Precautions are pretty similar to what we do when we have any tattoo.

What is the cost?

Hairline Microblading treatment can cost up to 20,000 to 40,000 Indian rupees, and it may vary depending upon the place and country.

Can anyone get it done?

Yes, however, as I said, before going for any treatment, you should always consult a dermatologist in case you have any skin issues.

Can I do Hairline Microblading by myself?

Yes, you can do it by yourself with guidance, but it is always recommended to have enough knowledge about this type of treatment before you try it on yourself as it can cause severe damage.

What are the benefits of microblading Hairline?

Firstly, it is affordable, and within the cost, it gives you an illusion of thicker hair on the hairline, making your face look sharper and more structured. If it is done by a specialist, as the technique requires one to be a skilled technician when they place thin pigmented strands on the hairline gives it a more natural appearance.

On the other hand, it is temporary; even in the future, if you don’t like it, if you feel the way it is done is unnatural, you don’t have to worry as it will last only a year and two depending upon your skin type.

There is nothing wrong if we seek treatment to enhance our appearance a little to gain confidence. This applies to both women and men. Hair is the most important part of one’s appearance. As we say, “good hair can make your day.” So why not go for it if you feel it is needed but go through the above guidelines before proceeding for a better outcome. This is all we have for now. Let us know if you have any questions or concerns related to Hairline microblading; we would love to answer those and help you out.