16 Feb, 2022 posted by Laudee

Thanksgiving, Christmas, and other holiday periods in the year are times for merriment, bonding, sharing, and unwinding. Most people wrongly think you can only do these with only fellow human loved ones and family, but your petsshould be included in your holiday escapades. However, it’s easy for them to get hurt, stressed, sick, or uncomfortable during these seasons, significantly if unfamiliar faces intrude their space as they know it.

While human relationships are the primary focus, you do not want to leave your pets to fend for themselves because they can’t. There are ways you can ensure they also get some festive loving.

Here are a few ways to make sure your pets do not end up straying, sick, or sad during the holidays.

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Watch the Holidays Décor

Ever had your focus only on the best gifts that can be put under your Christmas tree, the beautiful, magical decorations to light up your home, or the yummy dinner cooked in the spirit of the holidays? Situations like this make it an easy peasy thing to forget the non-human member(s) of your family – like Kelby the kitty or Fur-ball the furry Maltese.

Some décor accessories may not only transform your space into the perfect magazine-cover-page-worthy- home style for the holidays look but may also be a potential safety hazard for your pets. You want to make sure you do not bring home a Christmas tree with long needles,  leave your pet to get entangled in the strings of Christmas lights or go near a lit candle and whatnot.


Pets Can Be On a Diet Too

Junk gets passed a lot during the holidays. Most people develop a sweet tooth, but this shouldn’t be your pet, especially if it’s diabetic or may become sick from certain foods(holiday meals are always packed with various seasonal ingredients that may be harmful to animals).

While the hustle and bustle may be a real stressor for you(especially if you have company) or take your eyes off your precious puss, you should ensure at least one member of your family is responsible for the family hound during the dining and wining periods. Avoid feeding them leftovers and table scraps or


Keep the Collars On

Your pets should always have their name tags and collars on at all times. It’s easy for them to sneak out and slip away unnoticed, especially im crowded environments. You do not want to wake up from the holiday fever only to find out your neglected pet has gone missing. If they ever stray, it’ll be easy to track them back to you. For added safety precautions, you can get them micro-chipped to always be informed about their whereabouts.


Book a Sitter or Kennel Early On

This one’s a cause for concern for many. The secret to getting the best kennel or competent pet sitter for your pet is to book early. While it may be more economical to leave your goldfish with your neighbor’s son in middle school, you want to ensure your pets will be in safe hands, especially if they have some underlying health conditions.

There’s more to watching over a pet than filling its water bowl or checking to see if it’s napped yet. Your dog needs to be walked, get its insulin shots if it’s diabetic, and many more. You can trust a kennel service to take proper care of your dog. But if you would rather it’s watched in a comfortable house environment, then you should make efforts into booking early, a qualified sitter (or walker, as the case may be), or any trust-worthy person in your life.

You should also inform your Vet to keep them on alert for any emergencies.


Plan for Travelling With Your Pets

Just like you would plan for your vacation, if it includes your pets, there are essential things to take into consideration. Does your pet’s health insurance cover overseas health issues? Can you get its medications in your vacation location? Are there animal diseases likely to affect your pet?  These questions and more will help you plan a fun but safe vacation. You should also get your pet vaccinated before leaving for a foreign destination and check in with your Vet for other safer care options when planning to travel.


Spend Time with Your Pets

Spending time with your pet is one of the best gifts you can give. Your pet may feel unwanted or left out when your focus is turned on pulling off the best Christmas family dinner or planning the best holiday vacation. This is undoubtedly a stressful time for you but can also stress out your pet.  To show your pets nothing’s changed – except the season – you should spend time bonding and play with them. Binge-watch your favorite Netflix series cuddled up with your Chihuahua on the sofa or take a walk to the park every other day to play “Fetch.”



Caring for your pets during the holidays will only seem a chore if you didn’t factor it in your holiday plans, when you have too much on your hands or if you’re new at this pet thing.  To err on the side of caution, seek help from longtime pet owners, get professional advice from your Vet, and carry out most of our recommendations on the list, and you can bet there will be no rift between you and your pet at the end of the festivity.

How do you care for your pet during the holidays?