17 Feb, 2022 posted by Laudee

Pandemic has seen Zoom call meets where sweatpants were paired up with a statement shirt or some jewelry. Now that the world is gradually reopening, how will people dress up? Will it continue to progress and remain as it looked before lockdown, or do you expect a visible change?

Well, some of the most spectacular moments in fashion were seen post the huge disruptions. You can understand if you know the post second world war uber-feminine look of Christian Dior, or the stealth luxury rising for Phoebe Philo’s Céline after the 2008 financial crisis.

Clothing can be a remarkable check of the world’s state and the way people are thinking. Economic crashes can lead to a thought process where flashiness can seem unnecessary or wrong. At the same point, people might understand that making well-made and designed things that can last long require efforts. Nevertheless, investment is additionally taken seriously as it seems different after unpredictable times.

However, discussion about balms is pending as they are fun, frothiness, and glam. Some beauty experts, like Michele of Gucci, feel that recent times after the pandemic will demand beautiful things. Well, Michele’s exuberance has shaken off the times of fashion-dictated minimalism.

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Where will the fashion lean? Maybe just frizzy glamour or only understated luxury will not work. After all, one size does not suit everyone! For instance, Chanel’s haute couture presentation during the foremost digital haute couture was Virginie Viard’s inspiration from Karl Lagerfeld’s designs used by the eccentric women coming out of Le Palace. Now, don’t such inspirations and implementations make you feel like joy is the current necessity? Similarly, Amina Muaddi’s crystal-embellished high-heels had seen sales even in these months when people did not have to go anywhere. Even Miuccia P showcased nylon and sportswear alongside the pared-back crisp cotton.

For obvious reasons such as craftsmanship and being the lucky one, couture is way different from ready-to-wear. Yet, the idea of luxury is the similarity, which makes both feel incredibly relevant as they are your exclusive pieces meant to keep forever.

We are being led towards the era where luxury and the purpose of fashion are being examined. Health has become the most prized element alongside the feeling of human connection. Hence, luxury is being refined through the pandemic. Now luxury might become all about craftsmanship and value alongside fashion that makes one feel good. Even for the ones whose financial situations haven’t changed, the trend might shift from glam to softer aspects of a jumper or about the way workers making the garment have been treated. It might be all about quality and timelessness. People might look for understated and chic pieces that are suitable for in-house and outside.

Feathered heels or tailored black trousers, fashion will be different for each one. However, timeless pieces seem promising after the lockdown. Ultimately, heading out in the world, all dressed up, is the new-craved celebration.