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LAUDEE Organic Aloe Vera Lotion

  • Nourish and repair skin the natural way with the Laudee Organic Aloe Vera Gel. Made with real, fresh aloe vera, harvested from plants grown especially for this product in local fields, our aloe vera gel is high quality and organic.

     Ideal for use on face, body or even hair, aloe vera isn’t just to be used as after sun but can be enjoyed every day for its cool, moisturising properties. With a high concentration of pure aloe vera in each drop, be sure to test on a non-sensitive part of the body before putting on your face.

     Ideal for daily use throughout the year, cool skin in warm weather and protect through the colder months. Affordable for this 250ml tube of quality gel, a little of our pure aloe vera gel goes along way.

     Want to give your skin the best chance of looking and feeling amazing? Here’s your secret tool.

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