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Infrared Forehead Thermometer (Non Contact)


Item specifics

1. Accurate measurement: (Imported infrared detection system)
2. Rapid temperature measurement: Measurement time about 1 second
3. Easy to use: One-button measurement, easy to operate.
4. Non-contact: Measuring the forehead of the human body, not touching human skin.
5. Service life: Equipped with 2 sections of 7th battery (not included), can be used more than 100,000 times, product life > 3 million times
6. Measuring distance: It can be adapted within 5~15CM, no need to fix the measuring distance.
7. Large screen display: Large screen LCD display, white back-light, any light can be clearly displayed
8. Temperature alarm: Free to set the alarm temperature
9. Storage data: Store 32 measurement data, easy to analyze reference comparison
10. Setting changes: You can modify the setting parameters to suit different races (white, black, yellow, etc.)
11. Unit conversion: Use degrees Celsius, Fahrenheit conversion
12. Measuring range: Body temperature measurement 32 degrees Celsius to 42.9 degrees Celsius
13. Measurement accuracy: +/- 2 degrees Celsius error
Country/Region of Manufacture:China

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