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LAUDEE Mascara

  • STUNNING APPEARENCE with our Laudee Mascara is what you need! This top seller will extend your lashes without irretating your eyes. A must have for every women that appreciates good looking lashes.
  • GLAMOUROUS This mascara will emphasize the natural curl of your eye lashes and the special composition of our ingredients will make it last the entire day.No smeared make-up after a long or rainy day.
  • UNIQUE FORMULA of our mascara is based on 3D microfibers that attach to your natural lashes and make them longer and give them a dramatic effect. Every single blink will become a real eye-catcher!
  • PACKAGE The packaging is handy so the Mascara fits in every handbag, no matter how small it is.Delivered in a golden box to protect it from outer influences, unique golden ampule is a real keeper.
  • GET THE LOOK To complete your look we recommend you to try out the matching Eyeliner or to test one of our charming fragrances like PASSION so that you smell, look and feel better than ever before!

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