The Basics Of Douching A Guide To Safe And Effective Cleansing 1

The Basics Of Douching: A Guide To Safe And Effective Cleansing

28 Feb, 2023 posted by Daniel

Douching refers to the process of cleansing the vaginal canal with liquid. An enema, on the other hand, is used to deliver water or a solution directly into the rectum to stimulate a bowel movement and relieve constipation.


Ways to Douche:

1. Bulb Enema

This is a common “over the counter” option found at It includes a bulb filled with fluid attached to a nozzle, which can be inserted into the rectum. There are reusable rubber enemas that you can fill with tap water or brand-name enemas (such as Fleet enemas) that come pre-filled with solutions designed to stimulate a bowel movement.


2. Bag Enema

This is a rubber bag with a small tube attached. You fill the bag with water, lock the tube shut with a small plastic piece, and insert the other end of the tubing into the anus. It is a great option for those who need to be in certain positions while douching or have mobility issues.


3. Shower Nozzle

This is exactly what it sounds like. However, be cautious of the high velocity and large volumes that come with shower nozzle douching as they can be damaging to the rectum.


Best Practices for Douching:

1. Dietary Fiber

When looking for dietary fiber, it is best to choose something with psyllium husk or high soluble fiber as the active ingredient. You do not need to buy brand names. The dose should be increased slowly (every other day) to avoid bloating, cramping, and other side effects.


2. Mechanics

The best position for douching is bent at the waist (this straightens the rectum, making it easier to get the liquid where it needs to go). Place lube on the tip of the device to prevent local trauma to the area. Insert the device into the rectum but not too far (otherwise, water goes too far in and pulls down unformed stool into the area you want to cleanse). Hold a Coke can-volume of water for about a minute and then expel into the toilet.





1. The harder and faster I douche, the better.”

Douching at high volumes and speeds (such as with shower nozzles) can physically damage the rectum. Water can also travel too far and risk pulling extra feces into the rectum.


2. “I can douche as often as I’d like.”

It is best to douche no more than once a day and three times a week. Douching runs the risk of stripping the colon of its mucosal layer, which plays an important protective role.


3. “Douching with commercial solutions is better than douching with plain water.”

Douching with water (tap water) is preferable over other solutions (such as those found in brand-name enemas). There is no need to look for “pH balanced” solutions as the anus is neutral pH with the rest of the body. Some solutions are designed to irritate the colon/rectum to help you poop, which should be avoided if you plan on inserting something else into your rectum shortly thereafter.


4. “Using warmer water helps cleanse more effectively.”

Remember, the tips of our fingers can handle water temperatures a lot higher than what our insides can. Lukewarm water is the best option (since cold water, while safe, is not pleasant).


5. “Douching after sex will help me avoid sexually transmitted infections.”


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