14 Feb, 2022 posted by Laudee

Hair extension wefts are a great alternative to add volume to your hair, and thickness. Approximately, there are 35 million men and women that suffer from hair loss. And weft extensions are one of the options to make them feel confident again.


However, there are various types of weft hair extensions, and in a West Palm Beach spa, they offer high-quality extensions which can solve your hair dilemmas. In this article, we will tackle those different types of hair extensions for you to know what suits you best.


Introduction On Weft For Newbs

Weft Hair extensions are collections of hairs that have been stitched together to form a tiny bundle. The hair is put into a machine, which reinforces the stitch near the root of each hair on your head, creating a seamless appearance.


Extensions made of human hair are accurate to what they sound like. From top to bottom, they make it out of actual human hair gathered from a donor. It almost eliminates tangling and guarantees that the extensions remain smooth and silky for the duration of their use.


Synthetic hair, on the other hand, is made out of a variety of synthetic fibers that are mixed. It does not contain any human hair. These are generally tiny plastic strands that are designed to seem like actual human hair.


These extensions have become a popular technique to boost your hair’s volume and appearance. If you’re having trouble deciding which hair tied extension to get, here’s a list to help you out:


  • Machine wet waft

Before they sew the clips, they sew the hair extensions together by a machine that gives a tracking effect. Hair Stylists pull the hair in the same direction, creating a natural-looking outcome.

You won’t have to worry about gaps or a fake style since they’ll appear just like your authentic hair.

These weft extensions are the most flexible since they can be styled and trimmed just like authentic hair.

  • Skin weft hair

Weft extensions are a nouveau arrival trend in the cosmetic world. It acts like natural hair that grows from the scalp. It is perfect for people that have thin, fine, or balding hair. It makes them undetected. Human hair is the primary material hairstylists use in making weft hair extensions.

You can use a special tape to attach it to your scalp. Your hairstylist will only use small strips of special tape to sandwich both your hair and weft.

  • Hand-tied extensions


This type of extension is much thinner than machine extensions, and it is sewn together by hand. With hand-tied weft extensions, you get the benefit of possessing Remy’s hair, which means the cuticle on the extension comes from a donor.


The prominent advantage of having Remy’s hair is that it does not tangle or blow up even after washing on numerous occasions.


Choose The Right Weft Extensions


Hair extensions, contrary to common perception, do not last very long. They’ll need to be updated every few months to keep your appearance fresh.


However, keep in mind that the ideal type of weft extensions for you will be determined by your unique demands. Do you wish to lengthen or add volume to your hair? You should also think about the hue you want.


It’s best if you go with the same hue as your natural hair. Most extensions, on the other hand, may be dyed to match any color you like. The ombre extensions trend is also catching on with some bold folks. You can find the best in a West Palm Beach spa because you also deserve pampering.