17 Feb, 2022 posted by Laudee

Yay! It’s fall again. Tis the season where you finally get the chance to whip out your boots and shoes for their own time in the spotlight. But as much as you want your feet warm and cozy, you also have to look chic while doing it. And you’re in luck because we’ve done our research, and here is a list of the best footwear we know you can rock this fall:

  1. BOOTS

Talk about the king of practicality. Boots in fall are like turkeys for thanksgiving. They are made for each other. This edgy footwear is not just the most durable choice for the fall season, but they go so well with almost every outfit. It’s nearly impossible to go wrong with them. No matter the kind of boots you go with, whether it is the ankle, Chelsea, hiking, or over-the-knee boots, you are sure to get that fall-ready badass look.

For this fall, though, we advise you to be on the lookout for over-the-knee and all-terrain hiking boots. Pair this with literally anything for a trendy, don’t-mess-with-me ensemble.


Paddington would be right at home this season because his favorite shoes will be all the rave. This fall, even the rain, cannot keep you from looking your best. Chunky wellies are a thing now and a very protective, all-terrain thing too.


They are back and 10 times better. Loafers for this season come in a variety of designs; heeled, tasseled, fringed, snakeskin – you name it.  This means that the loafers you should rock to work or school don’t have to be the boring kind. These shoes have never been picky, so you should ensure you add at least one to your shoe collection.


Fall just got a lot classier. Brogues are the height of sophistication, and you can’t afford to not have these in your collection. Whether you’re going for a corporate or casual look, any outfit topped off with one of these would instantly give off an elite appearance.


If you’re beginning to feel nostalgic, we can’t blame you. MJs are like the Mary Poppins(es?) of corporate shoes, and these cute, strapped footwear are sure to give a more feminine appeal to your work or school appearance.


These thick heels are here to stay! Whether you want to rock a floral print thigh-high shoe, punk rock sandals, or effeminate Maryjane, it really doesn’t matter. It’s been made clear that anything can have platform heels, and you will look amazing when you have them too.

  1. FLATS

Flats are the comfort shoes for the season. And you had better believe that they will deliver on the side of style as well. You could have leather, suede, or even fur-covered flats. There will surely be a flat for you in the wide range of styles available. You’ll be making a wise decision to own a pair of these functional beauties this fall.

  1. LINK UP

They are everywhere! On flats, heels, boots…everything. Chain links have migrated from our necks to our shoes. They made a bold debut this season, and we have to say, we are loving every shiny second of it. While getting your fall shoes, don’t be shy to buy ones with a little more clink in them. You’d be glad you did.


The rhinestone is back with a shine as bright as Cinderella’s glass slippers. These embellishments are determined to light up the day and night this season, and you’ll be doing yourself a disservice if you don’t join in on the action.

It’s obvious the footwear game this fall will be off the charts. But you don’t need to fret because the list above is all the guide you need to get your feet through the next fall months. Here’s a little pro secret to top it all off: If you’re ever confused, just slip on something with chunky soles. You’ll thank us for it.