15 Feb, 2022 posted by Laudee

Molds are everywhere right now, and the last place anyone wants them is in their home. Although not all molds are dangerous, there exist some molds that simply act as nuisances whether they cause damage or not. This is why West Chester mold removal service companies exist. They are here for you when you need to get rid of some slimy molds. A good example is Clarke Contractors that are skilled in the best methods in executing West Chester mold removal.

But ask yourself this, where do molds come from? Where do they love to grow? How can you get rid of these molds? Is West Chester mold removal a skill you can master?

The Two Sides to a Mold

Now, we use the word mold a lot, but there is a specific type of mold that loves to dwell on home surfaces. Enter mildew.

Mildews are the most common forms of molds that exist in your home. This means if you see a mold in your house, there’s a huge chance you’re looking at mildew. But how do you know you’re looking at mildew and not a pile of dirt?

Testing For the Presence of Mildew

Just like every other mold out there, mildews love to grow in warm, damp areas of the home, such as on books stored in damp basements, on damp fabrics, and your bathroom. They look powdery at first and sport a white or grey color.

However, when allowed to grow, mildews begin to turn black or brown and acquire a sort of soil-like look and texture. But how can you be sure that it is truly mildew that lies on the surface of your wall? Here’s a quick test for finding out:

  • Soak a cotton swab in bleach
  • Dab the stain from the surface on the soaked swab
  • If after 2-3 minutes, the stain disappears or lightens in color, mildew is present
  • If not, you’re just staring at dirt, and life goes on

Another method used in West Chester mold removal to detect the presence of mildew is by smell. Mildew usually emits a musty smell that can be easily perceived.

Where Is This Smell Coming From?

It’s simple; whenever you perceive a high concentration of mold in your home, immediately think back to the dampest regions in your home. A hamper filled with a lot of damp towels, carpets with growing molds on the padding, even the drains of your sinks; these are the most likely regions of your home where the molds grow.

Why Do I Need To Get Rid Of Molds/Mildews?

We already know that all mildews are forms of molds but not every type of mold found in the home is mildew. This is one of the basics of West Chester mold removal service. Knowing this will help you know the best method to employ when eliminating the molds.

Mildews are not the types of molds you should be most scared of. Sure, mildews can discolor surfaces, but they act slowly, giving you enough time to get rid. But, when faced with green or black forms of molds, then the game changes.

These molds, usually fuzzy and slimy, can cause as much as an irreversible and irredeemable rot on the surfaces of walls. This usually means the end of the wall surface. If you’re getting rid of such mold, you also need to get rid of the crumbled wall.

West Chester Mold Removal Service at Your Doorstep

Clarke contractors, a veteran company in the West Chester mold removal game, offer a series of mold removal services that aid to prevent further spread as well as mitigating the damage from molds. But are you aware that you can learn the home methods? That’s right; there are some cases of mold infestation that can be solved with some simple DIY steps.

And this is important to learn because as efficient as West Chester mold removal service providers are, you can’t call them for every form of mold infestation. Why? This is because the rule states that West Chester mold removal professionals are called if the mold covers up to 10 square feet of your home.

But that doesn’t mean you’re going to sit around and wait till the mold grows 10 square feet before taking action. So, what are the various ways you can get rid of molds even without the aid of a professional?

Getting Rid Of Pesky Molds by Yourself: A DIY Class worth Taking

The first step to effective West Chester mold removal is identifying the various products that kill molds. Such products include:

  • Baking soda: the major component of baking soda is sodium bicarbonate. This chemical has a high pH that inhibits the growth and spread of mold. The good things about this product are its low cost, its non-toxic nature, its availability, and it is also easy to mix with water.
  • White vinegar: when distilled in water, white vinegar can be a very effective tool in the West Chester mold removal process. Due to the chemical nature of the white vinegar, it breaks down the mold components and eventually kills them. However, additional scrubbing may be required after the vinegar has been used.
  • Hydrogen peroxide: a 3 to 10 percent solution of this substance is effective for killing the mold and lightening the stains. Despite its bleaching effects, it is not as harsh as other bleaches, i.e., chlorine bleach.

Time to Get Down To Work

  • For fabric: take the items outside to prevent the spread of mold spores. It’s best to use hot water with a little bit of disinfectant if the fabric is washable. For further removal of stains, soak the fabrics in a solution of oxygen bleach and water.
  • For your precious books: allow to air dry thoroughly instead of trying to treat. You can also place the damp paper in a container, using silica gel to absorb the moisture.
  • From walls and carpets: first, check for damage and dispose of accordingly. Then with the combination of detergent, bleach, and water, use a mop or sponge and clean the surface.

Getting that mold out is not the easiest task in the world, but it’s not the hardest either. With this engraved in your memory, you don’t always have to rely on West Chester mold removal services.