Top 5 Things To Do In Europe With Your Friends In 2022!

Top 5 Things To Do In Europe With Your Friends In 2022!

19 Aug, 2022 posted by Daniel

Boarding The Train To Europe


“ In life, it’s not

Where you go-its

Who you travel with.”


Each one of you should have at least one trip planned with your group of buddies residing on your bucket list. In case you have already been fortunate enough to experience this beautifully thrilling journey, you know what I’m talking about.

Traveling is not just about; taking a flight or a train to your destination, staying there for a couple of days, engaging in minimal sightseeing with your stupid guide, getting yourself social media dps , and finally, back to the mundane. Traveling is about discovering.

Do you know when this exploration takes funny turns?

When traveling with your buddies.


The 5 Places That You Cannot Skip, When In Europe!


Europe has never been devoid of fun activities. However, the company of friends can make these activities worth remembering.

For instance, would taking a ride on an Alpine train in Switzerland be fun? If the loud mouth of your gang doesn’t grab all the attention. Or fighting over that last bite of falafel sandwich in Paris.

The 5 things to keep in mind, when you plan a trip to Europe.


Europe travel with friends


1. Devour Some Pintxo And Enjoy Some Surfing

What other place can be better than San Sebastian if you are looking for some surfing activities?

The vibe there will make you not want to go back home. If you think I am exaggerating. You have definitely not tried their pintxos bar.

San Sebastian has been recorded as the largest food city in the world. What kind of a foodie are you even? If you have not been to their local tapas, to snack on delicacies made with vegetables, cheese and fresh seafood; almost the size of your head.

Even in situations of a time crunch, this food hub- located right in the center of surfing beaches, will forever be etched into your mind.


2. A Water Taxi Ride In Venice

You cannot!

I repeat, you simply cannot skip a beautiful evening in Venice, by not riding one of those aesthetic water taxis. There is no better alternative to reach your hotel than a mesmerizing ride across the city in this ‘open air’ water taxi. You will be glad to know that some of the hotels in Venice have their private dock. They prefer their lodgers availing their transport.

Albeit, if you are on a budget, these water taxis and the gondola rides will cost you quite a fortune.

Don’t worry!

There’s always an alternative. You can still enjoy a wonderful evening, admiring the beautiful architecture of Venice from a Vaporetto– a public water bus.


3. Exploring The Islands Of Greece

Island hopping is one of the ideal activities, when exploring Greece with your friends. It offers you the typical hippy vibe of the 60’s. The right way to do it- is wandering about these islands on your own. This gives you a sense of liberation. The liberty to tread the unknown paths.

Greece can be aesthetically photogenic.

Come on, didn’t you already guess that? Considering how charming the Greek Gods and Goddesses were.

Who knows, you might just bump into Helen! *wink*


4. Skinny Dipping In Sweden

An ideal way to recuperate from the crazy hangover. That you had gotten at the party last night. It gives you the ultimate disassociation from the world. Connecting you with nature.

Some people tend to include it in their list of bachelor party destinations. Exclusively, to experience this. The perfect time to go for skinny dipping is early in the morning. Just when the sun rises. The crystal clear, cool water is sure to revitalize your soul and mind.

You might also feel like Aquaman- walking amidst the ocean and having a varied range of sea creatures swim past you.

Among the fourteen islands in the city, Kungsholmen’s south shores are worth giving a shot at.


5. Hiking The Samaria Gorge In Crete

One of the longest trails across Europe. Hiking can be quite the activity when in the company of friends. Since, Samaria Gorge is a 10 miles long hike you can easily exercise your truck cap camping ideas, here. The heights of the island are surrounded with fragrant pines and cypress forests.

On your way to the Libyan Sea, which is bordered by a majestic black-sand beach. One encounters several long-abandoned villages & ancient castles along with rock walls. Albeit, this might sound quite creepy for the weak soul.

A plunge in those buoyant waters. Some classic Mythos beer, accompanied by some octopus delicacies and revithada , can be extremely therapeutic.


Boarding The Train To Home


“Take only memories,

Leave only footprints.”


Traveling gives you the ultimate detox from life. But traveling with friends is more therapeutic and fun.

When traveling across Europe, these are some of the fun activities that you cannot afford to skip. However, you are free to explore any other activity as per your convenience.


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