What Do I Do If My Check Engine Light Starts To Turn On

What Do I Do If My Check Engine Light Starts To Turn On?

19 Jul, 2022 posted by Daniel

If your car has a check engine light, there may be something wrong with the engine. The light may be on because of a problem with an air filter, fuel injectors, or other parts. So if you see the check engine light on your car, make sure to get it fixed as soon as possible.


If you’re experiencing an “check engine light” or “service engine soon” warning on your dashboard, don’t panic. The light is simply a warning signal that your car needs attention. Most of the time, this just means that you need to take it to a mechanic for a repair or service. However, if the light is always on or the problem seems serious, you may need to visit a mechanic or get a new car.


If you’re experiencing a check engine light and you don’t know why, there might be a problem with your engine. The code that shows up on the check engine light may indicate something as simple as an air leak or a clogged fuel filter. If the problem is more significant, you might need to take your car in for repairs. Trouble with your car’s engine could be a sign that you need to take it in for a checkup.


What are the Symptoms of a Check Engine Light?


If your car has a check engine light, it means that there is an issue with one of the car’s systems. In most cases, the check engine light will turn on when there is an issue with the car’s emissions system. If you’re having trouble starting your car, the check engine light may be a sign that there is something wrong with the engine.


How to Check the Status of Your Vehicle’s EGR System


The check engine light may mean your EGR system needs to be replaced. If you don’t know how to check the status of your vehicle’s EGR system, here is a guide.

Next, remove both air cleaner assembly caps (on either side of the engine). Finally, remove both spark plugs. Use a wrench to rotate each plug one half turn while watching the plug gap on an electric spark tester (ESI or GM Tech 2). If there is no spark at all when rotated by hand, then your EGR system may need to be replaced. If sparks are present when rotated by hand then the EGR valve may need to be replaced but it is more likely that only the plug wire is bad and can be replaced without replacing the entire valve.


How to Fix a Check Engine Light?


First, make sure the car is properly maintained by checking the air pressure, oil levels, and tire wear. Second, try an engine diagnostic test to see if there is any mechanical issue with the engine.


What to Do If the Check Engine Light Still Comes On After Repairing the EGR System


If the check engine light still comes on, one of the possible causes could be an issue with the EGR system.


  1. Check for any debris or liquid in the EGR system. If there is, remove it using a vacuum cleaner and hose.
  2. Verify that the EGR valve is open and functioning properly. This can be done by checking for exhaust gas that is coming from the valve opening. If no gas is being expelled, it may suggest that the valve is not opening properly.

Test the car’s air/fuel ratio by attaching a fuel injector to the car’s intake manifold and measuring how much fuel reaches the engine.


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