17 Feb, 2022 posted by Laudee

Believe it or not, the word glamping is part of the dictionary thanks to its increasing popularity over the past few years. Glamping is a happy marriage between Glamour and Camping giving you glamorous camping brought into one as glamping. Most of us are well acquainted with camping and as soon as the word is mentioned some will immediately switch off thanks to thoughts of bush loos and bugs getting into our ears with enough mosquito bites to last four generations, then there is the glamour which draws up images of sex and the city with all the memories of our favorite upper East side New York related television series.

So how do these two opposites meet? Well, on average the majority of us would love to take a vacation surrounded by the lush vegetation of the Amazon jungle visible over our bedside and the sweet sounds of birds filling our ears as we take a bath in the great outdoors. However, this grand vision is ruined by our love for hot water baths in a soaking tub enveloped by scented candles, incense, and our favorite glass of wine with the remote control in hand to catch up on the latest celebrity gossip. So is it possible to have it all? Well, drumroll please…., now it is!

Glamping which is also known as comfy camping, luxury camping, boutique camping, or posh camping is a way to have all the amenities of a hotel or resort with the experience of wildlife, nature, and all the outdoor activities that come with camping. Tourists have grown to desire more than just the ordinary vacation forcing most destinations to put up pods, bell tents, tent cabins, modern tiny houses, safari tents, treehouses, yurts, tipis, luxury trailers, boathouses, and even converted car houses parked deep in nature.

Considering that COVID19 has made social distancing the “new normal” could this be an almost safer way to still enjoy your vacation? Maybe, since these glamping facilities come with all the amenities attached within or in close proximity as a hotel room would only that now you don’t have to walk down the hallway to unlock your door. Sounds tempting, doesn’t it? Most definitely but before you start packing your bags please ensure that you have stretched that vacation budget. Most destinations that have these glamping facilities have a limited number and as such, the demand is high which pushes the price point even for one who simply wants to enjoy a walk-in one day experience.

Does this mean that glamping is only for the rich and famous? Nope, not at all. Even small business owners and families living close to tourist activities have joined in on the race thus providing more affordable options such as vintage trailers and pleasantly. Some of these families will provide all the basics a hotel would including your coffee bar in your tiny house. This only leaves one question, how does one get to experience glamping?

Certain websites have come up that strictly link you up with glamping destinations while some of the long-existing travel sites are also partnering with glampers. As you look to join in on this trend, please keep in mind that most countries are still having travel bans as the COVID19 pandemic is being monitored but some venues are still taking bookings so the earlier the better as there will be a rush for travel once the current situation is stabilized.