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What To Look for in a Woman Whom You Want to Marry

15 Mar, 2022 posted by Laudee

Think about these questions when deciding if she’s the one for you. They will help you make your decision.

The decision to propose to my fiancé was a big one.

Marriage is not something that comes easily to most men. The process requires a lot of reflection, questioning, and digging deep.

Getting married is both an exciting and frightening prospect for most men. Most men have a lot of questions when it comes to committing. What is it about her that I want to spend the rest of my life with?” Does she seem right to me? Does she seem like the woman I wish to spend the rest of my life with? Do I really want to spend my life with this woman? Am I willing to never sleep with anybody else?” The questions seem endless. Making a choice requires knowing yourself well.

This is a scary and big question for me as a man. Several men have refused to answer this question, fearing that marriage will ruin their relationship with a woman they clearly love and have been with for decades.

The decision to marry my partner required me to ask some really tough questions. Listed below are some questions you can ask yourself to help you determine if she is the right one for you.

You’re best friends with her

There is no one I would like to spend more time with. Together, we have fun, laugh a lot, take wild adventures, and always have fun.

If you enjoy spending time with your partner, you can be sure she is someone you wish to commit to.

She made you feel at ease

It makes me feel safe to be with my partner. Her trust means that she won’t betray me, cheat, or leave me. She is a person I completely trust.

Author Dr. Stan Tatkin discusses the importance of safety in relationships in one of my favorite books, “Wired For Love.”. We are wired to love more deeply when safety, connection, and intimacy exist in our relationships. The theory of Dr. Stan Tatkin holds that we reject love until we receive a kind of love that helps reprogram our systems so that they can relax, open up, and feel safe.

Through her repeated commitment to me, my partner has shown me that she will always stand by my side. Neither her love nor her loyalty has ever been questioned.

You need to feel that the person you plan to marry will stick around if you are going to marry them. It doesn’t matter what the weather is – rain, sunshine, snow, sleet, hail, or anything else – if you think they’ll stand by you, then you can rest assured – she’s worth it.

You are often surprised by her

Having someone you can rely on, who you feel safe with, and who you love is great. It’s crucial that you both have that and that your fiance surprises you.

It’s fun to receive surprises from my partner. She is great at surprising me. She always has something new to teach me. She brings to our relationship something new every time, whether it’s a new fact, an adventure, or a dream. It’s important to keep things fresh. It keeps things exciting. The happiest couples, according to my studies of over three hundred married couples, are those who are always learning from each other. A good partner shouldn’t bore you but instead continuously intrigue you.

She’s willing to marry into your family

Not every couple gets along with each other’s families. A majority of comedies seem to depict in-laws as hated by couples. According to my experience, it’s common for couples not to like each other’s families.

Nevertheless, we are not interested in what is normal – we are interested in love. While certainly not a prerequisite for love, I believe that getting to know each other’s families makes the decision to wed easier.

It’s important to you that she improves

Lack of improvement in a relationship can be a major setback. You will always be better in a relationship if you improve yourself. Two people who love each other must be willing to grow, change, and improve themselves.

When you’re willing to become a better man for someone you love – that’s a big sign you might make a great couple.

The chances of having a satisfying relationship are much higher if you both work on improving your relationship.

You Feel Like Yourself When You’re Together

Understanding this is hard, but for love, it’s vital. Your happiness depends on the feeling that you are just yourself with someone.

I tried dating women simply because they looked good for long periods of time. It was almost unbearable to date when I felt like I had to monitor myself, be something I’m not. My life changed when I discovered I could be myself, date someone I loved, and be myself. I decided to be around people who made me feel good and relaxed, and my entire way of being changed.

I feel in love with my partner because she loves me for me – not for any other reason. She loves me unconditionally.

You can ask yourself this question when deciding if you should get married: “Am I me when we spend time together?” How do I feel when we spend time together? The answer to that question is a good indication that you may marry this person. The decision to marry someone is a very important one. It is a decision that will shape your future, her future, and ultimately alter the course of your life.

Consider the following questions carefully to make an informed decision that will benefit you and your partner for decades to come.

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