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Where to Find Mugshots Online

15 Mar, 2022 posted by Laudee

Arresting someone requires going through several steps, including the taking of mug shots. The police take photos of these people so that they can differentiate between those with the same name. A mugshot can also serve as a means of identifying a suspect based on his or her physical characteristics. The majority of states in the country offer mugshots. You can quickly and easily search for mugshots online to save yourself time.


Mugshots are public records?

It’s a bit tricky to answer this question. Mugshots are generally public documents. Those arrest records won’t be public, however, if they have been sealed, expunged, or involved a juvenile.


Mugshots are considered public records in every state (except Louisiana). The police record a suspect’s personal information during the booking process, including their mugshot. These records are stored both physically and digitally. The public can access online mugshots on the internet.


Finding My Mugshot Online

If you have ever been arrested, you can search for your mugshots online. How to find mugshots online? Here is how:


Visit the PrisonHandbook website

Each state has a mugshot search service offered by PrisonHandbook. The following steps will help you locate your mugshots or the mugshots of other people:


Choose the jail you want to visit. You’ll then find the list of inmates on the website. In addition to the link to the jail’s website, PrisonHandbook may provide you with a link to the jail’s official website. This link can be found at the bottom of the page under ‘Links and Resources.’


You are able to access mugshots of arrestees by entering their names on the jail’s website. It is important to know, however, that not every jail will offer you an online mugshot.


Search your local sheriff’s and police department’s websites

Online mugshot directories are available from a number of law enforcement agencies. You can search for mugshots by searching through a police department or sheriff’s department. Simply Google the department’s name together with the country’s name. Search your mugshot or the mugshots of other people on the official website of the police agency you have chosen.

Visit your state’s corrections department website

In the United States, each state has an official website that provides residents with current information and various services. These websites offer online mugshot search directories in most cases. Type the name of your state + “department of corrections” into your browser to search for mugshots. Find the tab that says “offender search,” “prisoner search,” etc., on the official state website. If you know either the prisoner number or the name of the defendant, you can search for a mugshot.


Such a search needs to be conducted in the state concerned. If, for instance, you lived in Florida at the time of your arrest but now live in New York, you need to search for your mugshots on the Florida Department of corrections website.


Visit a website that searches for background checks

One of the easiest and fastest ways to locate mugshots online is to use a public records search engine, such as GoLookUp . You need to type the name of the arrestee + the state in which the arrest took place in order to find your mugshot or someone else’s. These websites performs the search by scanning billions of public records. Upon completion of the search, which takes no more than a minute, you will receive a report including the full name and criminal history of the person in question – including their mugshot.


What are the benefits of  mugshots online search?

The following are some of the reasons why you may want to conduct a mugshot search:


Make sure your records are accurate

It is possible for arrest records and mugshots to contain errors, despite being official records. You can discover these errors when you run a mugshot search on yourself. A mugshot search will also prove useful if you have records and mugshots that should have been expunged or should never have been published. You can request that certain records be deleted if they are still available to others.


Find out about the people in your life

In addition to searching for mugshots online, you can also find out information about people you know. People often make false statements about themselves on online dating sites. In order to verify that you are not being lied to, you should run a mugshot search to obtain information about people’s criminal history, including any sex crimes they may have committed.


Using the search, you can also find out about your neighbors, people in your children’s lives, and any other new people in your life.


The Mugshot Search: What You Need to Know

There are several ways to search for mugshots online. Websites offers one of the most comprehensive searches. You will be able to see mugshots of individuals, along with other information, such as:


Full name
Criminal records
Marriage records
Divorce records
Contact information


And much more…


You can view mugshots and the data associated with them when you perform a mugshot search of yourself or another individual. Whenever you perform an online mugshot search, make sure that you use a safe and reliable site.


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