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Various individuals lead very distinct lifestyles. Although we all need to drink plenty of water, each person will naturally have different ways of achieving this aim.

So, to help your balanced lifestyle, chances are that you are willing to using a reusable water bottle. But these days, with so many options out there, it isn’t easy to decide which water bottle is better for your needs.

We have come up with a plausible solution. Bear in mind these 5 points when worrying about how to pick a water bottle.


Depending on the purpose, you can choose your new bottle with ease.

You should choose a convenient-drinking, see-through form with a scale on the side to keep track of how much you stay hydrated if you need a reusable water bottle for sports. You can drive, walk or even run to your location, so you can get a bottle that fits on a bike-mounted bottle carrier or comes with a hand harness, vest, or belt for added value.

It would be better to pick one that is good for hot/cold beverages and has a spill-proof top if you need a reusable water bottle for the office. You wouldn’t want to have an accident on your office machine or get water on your critical documents and papers.


Consider the variations between high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and low-density polyethylene (LDPE) if you do choose to go with plastic. HDPE is light, affordable, is easy to print designs on, and works well with cold liquids, but not so well for hot ones. LDPE is much better and flexible.

These days, stainless steel water bottles are exceptionally trendy. They are a little bigger, but they will never leech any pollutants into your water. Some are great at not “sweating” on the outside or having condensation. Stainless steel keeps the water relatively cold as a final bonus as well.

Aluminum has many of the same advantages as stainless, but it is lightweight, so it works better if mobility is the main factor. They are also less costly than stainless bottles, which are more trendyand heavy.


Especially when outdoors and on the go, bottles with built-in straws or spouts can be nice, but the extra added mechanisms can be more challenging to clean. Thinking and choosing what works best for you is crucial.

Special Features:

Make sure that both the other things on your bottle and the cost efficiency are taken into account. If the function suits your lifestyle and you don’t care about the extra cost, go for it! The functionality factor is different, but be sure to remember the ease of cleaning we mentioned above. A built-in added filter is one nice feature on some reusable water bottles now.

Style and Design:

Form, color, and added patterns or graphics are involved in this. There are all sorts of other hardware features beyond just the body of the bottle-loops, clasps, belts all add to versatility and style. In an infinite range of colors, patterns, and even shapes, reusable water bottles come from traditional to stand-out.

On a concluding note –

According to CoolThingsChicago, choosing the bottle that fits your lifestyle depends on the above-mentioned factors. Further, irrespective of how great your bottle is, the water quality in it is paramount. Drink ample water, stay healthy!

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