Why Singapore Should Be On Your Bucket List

Why Singapore Should Be On Your Bucket List?

03 May, 2024 posted by Daniel

Savour a melting pot of cultural diversity laced with incredible attractions and experiences!

Whether you are simply curious to find out more about this small city-state serving as a seamless transfer point on travels to and from Asia or are a travel enthusiast hunting for your next summer destination, Singapore is a unique choice that offers many experiences to scores of visitors in a cosmopolitan setting belying its size.


Situated in Southeast Asia nestled on the tip of the Malay Peninsula, the city-state of Singapore is blessed with a tropical climate. Its area encompasses 275 square miles with a population of over 5 million people. Despite its small size, Singapore offers its visitors limitless experiences and moments of enjoyment that create unforgettable memories making them repeat visitors.


Singaporeans coexist with each other, welcome their visitors, and make them feel safe and secure to enjoy their time in this marvellous city such as visiting the top attractions in Singapore, shopping, exploring nature and doing much more.


The four official languages of the nation are Malay, Chinese, Tamil and English, the national language of Singapore is Malay. Due to Singapore’s multicultural mix, you might hear colloquial English, a blend of languages like English, Malay, Tamil, Hokkien, and Cantonese. This unique dialect, called Singlish, sounds distinct from standard English, but one does get used to hearing it on the streets.


Functional Multiculturalism

A vibrant mix of cultures with Singaporeans from all walks of life living in congeniality portraying strength in unity embracing its multiracial, multicultural, and multireligious heritage. This unique harmony is felt by visitors in the diverse society that demonstrates tolerance and respect to fellow Singaporeans just as much as they do with visitors.


While the visage of Singapore can change often with its progressive vision cultural nuances remain endearingly constant such as the pristine cleanliness of the city, the usage of Singlish all over Singapore and the immersive engagement in the traditions and customs of each culture such as Malay, Chinese, Indian and other ethnicities.


These innate practices and observances are witnessed in the different neighbourhoods of Singapore such as in Little India with many, colourful temples, food stalls and spice markets. China Town is adorned with red lanterns and shops packed with many intriguing things while you can tuck into varieties of yummy dim sums. The Malay neighbourhood of Kampong Glam region has the beautiful Sultan Mosque with intricate Arabic architecture and charming rows of shophouses selling traditional craft items and restaurants offering tantalizing Nasi Lemak and satay etc.


Ease of Movement and Short Distances

Getting about in Singapore is quite easy with clear signage all over in English, and most of the locals understand and can speak English lucidly as compared to other Southeast Asian nations and will help with directions etc. if asked for help. Most places of interest are not far from each other in Singapore as it is a compact city-state.


The public transport system in Singapore, the MRT (Mass Rapid Transport) is a wide network of lines covering in and around the city and the Changi International Airport. The service is efficient, comfortable, and economical which is a boon to visitors when getting about in Singapore. This is well experienced by guests who prefer using Park Hotel Group properties to visit attractions and popular locations as most of these sites have MRT stations close by.


Getting about by foot is another feature most visitors can indulge in Singapore and do often as there are well-paved pedestrian walkways, and plenty of greenery to appreciate and finding your way is not difficult. This indulgence is especially enjoyed by shopaholics on the famous Orchard Road shopping boulevard which is centrally located in the heart of Singapore with glitzy shopping malls lining both sides of the street which also provide entertainment arenas and a wide range of food stalls.


Taxis are available in plenty in Singapore, though costlier than using the MRT service, yet comfortable and reliable especially if you are returning to the hotel after a day of shopping.


Aspirations of Cleanliness

Cleanliness in Singapore is seen everywhere be it at the Changi International Airport on arrival, on the streets as you are driven away to the hotel and at public places including MRTs, buses etc. Every street is litter-free, and trees and bushes are trimmed, manicured and well-kept.


The highway infrastructure is well built and maintained, and public parks are a pleasure for your senses full of greenery, litter-free and inviting. These pockets of green spaces are amidst the high risers of the city enabling locals and visitors to wander around after a day of work or exploring Singapore. All this is a part of the government’s undertaking to have cleanliness with social progress. Penalties are levied on those who violate the rules of littering to maintain the image of a pristine Singapore.


All these factors convey a positive indication to visitors of a country which is a pleasure to experience and a great destination to re-visit and recommend to others.


Inimitable Culinary Experiences

Whether you are a foodie or not Singapore is bound to lure you into their fascinating culinary scene. It is an accepted fact that shopping and feasting are two of the most loved national pastimes in Singapore.


The culinary scene is a great reflection of Singapore’s multiculturism with street food stalls and heritage dining arenas, Hawker Centres, celebrity chef restaurants, swanky dining venues and more. There are varieties of dishes to satisfy the palate of every visitor. Navigating these are mastered by visitors quite fast as they go about in Singapore.


Very reasonably priced local dishes are available in plenty, these are best tried out at Hawker Centres like Maxwell Food Centre close to the Central Business District (CBD) with well over 100 food stalls serving favourite dishes to the crowds who throng it during busy hours as can be witnessed by the snaking queues for some of the stalls such as the one selling Singapore Iconic Hainan Chicken Rice.


The Heritage Restaurants in the Joo Chiat area is famous for rice dumplings with an array of fillings, chicken masala, fish head curry, beef rendang etc. while delightful pineapple tarts provide sweet delights.


For culinary delights from celebrity chefs, you can head over to places like Bread Street Kitchen by Gordon Ramsay, Waku Gin by Tetsuya Wakuda and Cut by Wolfgang Puck. With so many options for eating it is not surprising that visitors end up feasting just as much as Singaporeans do.