17 Feb, 2022 posted by Laudee

Are you among the majority who slack off on lip care? If your answer is yes, you are in the right place! You need to understand that your lips are slender, and they need extra attention. Make lip care a part of your schedule. A few every day, habits can make your lips soft and supple.

Always keep yourself hydrated: Drinking at least nine glasses of water every day is good to boost your metabolism, and additionally, it keeps your lips moist.

Do you know the importance of exfoliation?

It scrapes off your dead skin cells, and hence your lips remain free from contamination. Rub your lips and massage them for increased blood circulation.

Your delicate lips need care just as you look after your skin or your hair. Try not to lick your lips since it can make your lips dry. Lips do not contain melanin and, therefore, prone to sunburns. A layer of moisturizer can prevent your lips from sun rays. Apart from keeping your lips moist, you can make a habit of frequently applying lip balm.

Generally, women are fond of lipstick, but unfortunately, most fail to make the right choice. All lipsticks do not contain natural constituents. Harmful chemicals like parabens are mostly present in these products. Therefore, we must use products made of beeswax, plant oils, or other natural substances. Petroleum Jelly is an agent that intercepts trans-epidermal water loss and keeps the moisture locked. In simple words, it helps in maintaining hydration by making a protective sheath on the outer side. Therefore, applying petroleum jelly before going to bed is an added advantage.

A variety of skincare or naturally made beauty products is available. Its popular lip balm flavors include Coffee, Strawberry, and even Mandarin. Nowadays, organic balms have also become widely prevalent. Are these balms a better choice? The answer is yes. Organic balms are devoid of detrimental substances such as pesticides or other chemicals. Moreover, these are eco-friendly products, and the making of these organic balms is not hurting animals as well. So, vegans, even you do not need to worry! There are no animal trials involved in it, and none of its ingredients require the use of animals. The other lip balms require constituents that are obtained by drilling, such as petroleum-based elements. In contrast, organic balms have minimal effects on soil, air, or water.

Don’t you want to keep your lips in shape, pink, soft, and smooth? Take care of your lips just as you take care of the rest of your body. Few routine habits such as staying hydrated, using natural products, and regular exfoliation are enough to maintain the natural color and softness of your lips. Pamper your lips with nourishment and care it requires.